Can things really be addicting?

The word addicting is used a lot in society these days. People talk about being addicted to cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, and even things such as Facebook or your cell phone. But are things actually addictive. Addiction, in simple terms,  occurs when you rely on something and become dependent. 
     According to, addiction can be a physical or psychological dependency to anything. It is an unhealthy obsession. The reason why certain things being an addiction is questionable, is because in order to be an addiction, your body has to depend on it. Can your body depend on Facebook to survive? Some people think that is possible, but some people also doubt it. 
    The most common think that people think are addictions are drugs. How does someone become addicted to a drug? Drugs affect 3 major parts of the body. Your brain stem, limbic system, and cerebral cortex- which are all a part of the brain that have many important functions.
     Everybody knows that the brain is very important to function. How do the drugs affect the brain? According to, the drugs are chemicals so they interfere with the normal nerve cells. Some drugs can even change the makeup of the brain if you do enough drugs and for a long enough period of time.

So do you think that you can be addicted to anything? These days, many people believe many things and have their own opinions. So, it is time to have your own opinions.


I firmly believe that drugs and alcohol are addicting. Withdrawals happen when you don't have enough and you can feel like you're dying. I think saying people are "addicted" to things like facebook might actually be just a dramatization. At the same time, could this be a new kind of addiction? Maybe it is fulfilling the need for social interaction, and those who are "addicted" feel anxious or depressed when they can't use it. I feel like I'm going through some sort of withdrawal when I don't have my phone with me, but I get over it pretty fast- so it must not be an addiction.

I have every reason to believe that things can be addicting, drugs and alcohol specifically. You can see it on a college campus. There's people who can't have fun with out alcohol, can't study without adderall, can't sleep without marijuana or nyquil etc. However, there are new types of addictions arising which I believe are real. You hear about kids being addicted to video games and social networking. It might just be part of our generation, but I feel naked if I don't have my phone with me.

My answer goes both ways on this topic. Nowadays, I feel like people completely misuse the term "addicted". Like you said, an addiction is when you become dependent on something. Like Emily said in her comment above, those who claim that they are addicted to Facebook are over-exaggerating and completely misusing the term. The only type of habit that I think can be classified as a real addiction would be drugs because using too much of it can affect you, and if you do stop using a drug it can cause you to have major withdrawals, where people can end up dying or even kill themselves. I think that the only real "addiction" is when it comes with serious consequences when you're doing it or when you're in the process of stopping.

Hannah, I think the word addicted gets thrown around like the word depressed. I don't believe that when people say they are addicted to something that they actually need some sort of medical treatment so alleviate that "addiction." I do, however, believe that we are becoming, as a society, more dependent on our phones and social media, and although some may take it to an extreme, they do not qualify for an addiction.

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