Can the Sun kill you?

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The sun is the biggest start in our solar system it provides us with heat and life. Without the Sun the Earth would be a cold and dead planet with no life. "If you were to take a car trip to the sun, it would take about 176 years to get there if you drove 60 miles per hour all day, every day." It takes approximately eight minutes for the light of the sun to hit Earth.

The sun has being around for billions of years and it will be until it explodes in the future many years from now. When that day arrives this whole galaxy is going to be destroyed. The explosion of the sun will probably cause a black hole that would destroy everything. Well that won't happened anytime soon, let's talk about some of the effects the soon has on people, and the dangers. Looking at the sun directly for a period of time could leave a person blind permanently and in other circumstances it could be deathly. Heat stroke is one of the causes death of many people, sometimes people don't even notice the symptoms of heat stroke and they sometimes faint because their body overheats, or because the lack of water in their bodies. If the body temperature goes above 104 degrees Fahrenheit the body will immediately start to shut down.  The organs inside your body will start to swell up and will cause serious damage to major organs. The human body can also go into shock, and will cause you to lose consciousness. As soon as you start feeling symptoms like nausea, headaches, seizures, hallucinations, hyperventilation, or you stop sweating you need to cool down immediately by going somewhere cool, and drinking a lot of water. The people that are more likely to get heatstroke are the elderly, and the very young. "Another way that the sun can kill you is through skin cancer." Ultraviolet rays are given by the Sun and can be very dangerous. To much exposure to the Sun rays can cause skin cancer to happen. "There are springy, fibrous proteins in the skin called Elastin that help keep the skin flexible and tight. Over the years, damage to the Elastin from UV exposure causes it to break down. This can lead to pre-cancerous or cancerous skin lesions or tumors. 

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Every time we would go to the beach when I was younger, my mom would always make me wear my sunglasses and told me to never look at the sun. So obviously, I would stare at it (like Spongebob!) until it hurt. And since I'm really pale, I would burn so easily. However, you can still burn even when the sun isn't even out!

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