Can solar power make a comeback?

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Energy is incredibly important in developed countries such as ours. Fossil fuel has always been a staple of our economy. Gas and oil companies spend large amounts of money every year buying politicians who will further their agenda. What's that agenda you ask? Keeping Americans dependent on oil no matter how ridiculous the price gets. Over the past century there have been countless individuals who have developed highly efficient engines that ran on alternative energy. For a number of reasons these prototypes never took off. With global warming now proven by our local celebrity, Michael Mann, industries are now looking to clean their act up. There is one source of renewable energy that can be found all over the planet, the Sun. It's the perfect option for almost everyone. The drawback is the current technology is behind and not able to satisfy the demands of our energy hungry nation. Fortunately for us Stephen Chou and his team of researchers at Princeton have developed a new and simple design that will triple the efficiency of ORGANIC solar cells. The design uses what Chou coined as a "sandwich" of metal and plastic that addresses the two major problems. Current solar cells cannot fully capture the light that enters the cell and loses energy from the light reflected off the cell.


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"The sandwich -- called a subwavelength plasmonic cavity -- has an extraordinary ability to dampen reflection and trap light. The new technique allowed Chou's team to create a solar cell that only reflects about 4 percent of light and absorbs as much as 96 percent. It demonstrates 52 percent higher efficiency in converting light to electrical energy than a conventional solar cell." - Source Cited

1 Comment

Today's demand for oil is immense, and many countries are are trying very hard to look for better ways of energy. Many countries that depend on oil know that this fossil fuel is going to run out in the next future years, so they are looking for new types of income and energy after oil runs out. for example i read the other day that Abu Dhabi is building the first Zero-carbon city that is going to be power by solar power.

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