can cats get high from catnip?


I have always wondered if catnip makes cats high. I have seen cats reaction to catnip, they tend to go crazy they start to rub, eat, and sniff the plants and start to act funny. I have a cat but he is not affected by catnip, he actually does not show any interest in catnip. Apparently 50 % of cats are affected by catnip, and the other half shows no interest.

Images of stoned cats (via Imgur)

Age also affects the way they respond usually young and old cats are not affected by this plant. Cat nip is not dangerous to the cat, but it should be given in moderate portions and not often. The cat eats catnip and when eats too much it tends to get diarrhea, or vomiting but it nothing serious the cat goes back to normal quickly. Cat nip is a perennial herb and it belongs to mint family.  The leaves contain a chemical called "nepetalactone" which is the reason why cats like the plant so much, and also for the way they act.

Images of stoned cats (via Imgur)

Catnip is a native to Europe and has being imported to United States and other countries. Cats feel the effect of the plant when they sniff it; some people say that the effects are like those of marihuana, or LSD on humans. This is why cats tend to act different when they are around catnip it gives them a high, and when consumed it works as a sedative. There certain occasions that cats tend to lift their gums up and it looks like they are smiling it will almost seem as if they were drunk.  This effect only lasts for a couple of minutes, after the affect goes away they get tired of it and they just walk away. But later they go back to the catnip to get high again.

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