Caffeine: Gift or Curse?


                Sometimes I would get these awful headaches and I have come to find that coffee always helps them to go away. Because of this I just assumed I was going through caffeine withdraw since I regularly drink coffee and diet coke. I decided to look into it and it turns out I'm wrong.

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 It turns out caffeine withdraw is actually rare. You would have to consume 500 milligrams of caffeine every day for a long time. This is equivalent to five cups of coffee a day! Then you have to suddenly change the habit to cause a so-called caffeine withdraw.

                HOWEVER, good news is that even though the caffeine may not be causing the headaches it CAN help relieve them! Caffeine is in many headache medications; prescription or over the counter. It helps the body absorb headache medicines faster and helps reduce the risk of dependency and addiction. Because caffeine helps the body absorb the medicine faster, you can take less of it.

                So basically good news for all us caffeine lovers! Caffeine does not cause our headaches and can even help them! Who would have guessed?!


Wow I never knew that caffeine could help you out that much. I wonder if it would be smart to take head ache medicine with a thing of Coke, or something else that has caffeine. I also always thought that people who stop drinking coffee or something else with caffeine would have withdrawal symptoms. Do you think that you can still be addicted to caffeine though? Also you might want to check out some of the other cool benefits of caffeine like boosting your mind power for about 45 mins.

I also consume a lot of caffeine regularly (especially as finals approaches) and I thought similarly to you: that not consuming my daily amount of caffeine would give me a headache. This would often happen to my mom if she didn't get to drink her morning coffee so I thought the same thing would happen to me. But neither my mom nor I consume five cups of coffee a day. So maybe the "caffiene headaches" we thought we were having was simply us creating an issue knowing we had not consumed our usual amount of caffeine. In addition, I had no idea that the caffeine would help eliminate a headache. I had always thought of caffeine as a dehydrate,and would therefore make my headache worse for some reason.

To answer the question you posed in your blog, I think caffeine is a gift. With that being said it is a drug, just like alcohol, nicotine, tobacco or marijuana. If you have too much caffeine you may feel amazing, but odds are you are greatly increasing your risk for serious coronary problems later in life. Caffeine, a stimulant, is widely used across different cultures and people across the glob. You can find caffeine in a wide variety of products too, not just coffee and diet coke. If you are having headaches, I would have to suggest that the caffeine is not the reason as to why they are going away. I believe that the caffeine and stimulated rush you feel may take your mind off of the slight discomfort you would be feeling in your head during a normal headache. Other ways I have heard that are good ways to rid the symptoms of the ever so annoying headache include naps, eating a small snack, yoga, meditation, and sex. Yes sex! Science has discovered that orgasms can relieve headache symptoms. So the next time anyone has a pounding migraine don't run to the nearest Starbucks to fix it, try searching through your phone book and look for that special someone to call over to help you alleviate all of your problems.

I think the way some people consume coffee today and more vaguely caffeine in general is dangerous. I see it as an addiction just like any other drug. I got yelled at by my parents one day for taking NyQuil because I couldn't fall asleep. They lectured me for at least 15 minutes about how that can become a habit and i could become addicted to pills. Fair enough. But how about the people who can't get to work without drinking half a pot of coffee? To me that's addiction. You can see it in people in the morning and when you ask them about it, "I didn't have my coffee." The way they respond to it even makes them sound like an addict. Don't get me wrong, I drink caffeine (not soda.) I reserve my caffeine consumption for times that I absolutely need to wake up. By doing so I believe it is much more effective on me rather than a pattern of my everyday life.

I'm an admitted caffeine addict myself, drinking one cup of coffee everyday for about six years now. Every morning I try to skip it I eventually wind up with flu-like symptoms (bad headaches, aches, etc.) which leads me to believe that there is some kind of dependency on caffeine and that the body can go through withdrawal symptoms much earlier than you have put out here. I think what you are referring to with the "5 cups of coffee a day" figure may be the rate at which the very act of consuming caffeine become harmful to you, not the withdrawal. (

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