C9-T11 A Steroid that's good for you??


Everyone always makes a fuss about people using steroids. "There so bad for you!", "Why would you want to take it? It's like drugs!"; "You're just cheating yourself.".... So, I've always had the impression that steroids could do no good for a person since throughout the years mostly everyone has criticized the effects it causes. The question is.... could this new steroid alternative C9-T11 be good for you and benefical?



C9-T11 is conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). It is said to be safe, natural, and an anabolic compound to help powerful muscle-building by targeting the production of prostaglandins. It is also been said that research showed it to be beneficial to athletes muscle growth, strength, and burns fat with no side effects. C9-T11 should also improve health by reducing LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar. In advertisements it says you'll gain 700% more muscle in just 7 weeks. That's unreal! Seems like C9-T11 is great, right? So what's the controversy with this alternative steroid?
Well the compound is very similar to a steroid with its benefits, but it's not technically a steroid. Steroids are supposed to help improve muscle growth, just like the C9-T11, but people happen to take advantage of this use which leads to bad situation (such as overdosing or even being used in competitions is cheating). Critics also say this compound gives athletes an unfair advantage.  Steroids are illegal so since C9-T11 is similar to steroids, critics say it should be banned; but others argue that banning this new supplement would be like banning vitamins.
There is also controversy around its efficacy. There's been little evidence that the product works and growing evidence that CLA might actually worsen blood sugar control in people who areoverweight.  It is also suggested that it should not be used to help maintain a person's lowered body weight for it has been claimed that CLA users that do not lift weights can lead to weight gain. There are concerns for nursing mothers using CLA reduces fat content of human breast milk ( because infants depend on fat in breast milk to gain calories, aid proper growth and developments) therefor Nursing mothers should avoid CLA supplements. From recent studies, CLA is not useful for people with diabetes and might actually contribute to diabetes in overweight people. One study found that it might increase cardiovascular risk. Another study failed to find that CLA can enhance immune function and there is also weak evidence that is might be useful for high cholesterol.  And lastly, in some cases, it has increased the risk of breast cancer.
So what do you think: does C9-T11 seem to be beneficial to humans or is it just some advertising scandal? 


The steroid-like supplement could potentially help those who are trying to gain muscle but because it is so newly released, I feel as though there is not enough evidence to support whether it is truly beneficial. C9-T11 seems to have an equal amount of pros and cons. If you life weights and are trying to gain muscle/lose fat then it seems to have a positive outcome. This muscle enhancer doesn't seem fit for someone who is not working out.

As someone who has played sports my entire life, I feel that steroids are absolutely an unfair advantage. I also feel that supplements are not. Any athlete could easily go to their local GNC and buy C9-T11. It doesn't necessarily enhance performance, just helps build muscle at a quicker rate than they would normally develop. So do I think C9-T11 is beneficial? Yes I would say I do, but only if used for way it is meant for. For those to ignorant to understand the true purpose of the supplement, this could come off as an advertising scandal. Not because it doesn't work but because it isn't being used correctly.

Supplements like this are often too good to be true, which is unfortunate. And they frequently have adverse effects. While people claim to have 700 percent muscle gains on this it is still a new supplement that needs to be tested more. The unfortunate part about muscle supplements is that if they sound too good to be true, they tend to be. I would like to see more research and see if there are any long term effects like steroids. Such as the ligaments not growing or bones not strengthening at the same rate as the muscles. There is also the huge issue of infertility in men. While this is an interesting idea and Im glad something new is out, I would want to see more research done on it before it hits the shelves at the local GNC.. if it ever does.

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