Bread That Can Stay Fresh For Up To Two Months

It seems like each time I buy a loaf of bread I never get to finish it.  It either gets hard, moldy, or in some other way not edible.  I know I can't be the only person who has this same problem with bread.  Being that bread starts getting moldy at about the 10th day after being baked, it is one of the most perishable foods.  According to the BBC, Americans throw out 40% of the food they buy.  From 2008, DEFRA (Department for Environmental Food and Rural Affairs) says 32% of bread bought from the store is wasted even though it can still be eaten.  If we can find a way to eliminate food waste starting with bread, we could feed more people.  With a new form of technology by a Texas Tech based company, MicroZap, microwaves are shot at the bread.  When shot at the bread, microwaves kill the spores of mold.  Without the mold, a loaf bread can stay fresh for 60 days per a MicroZap spokesman.

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The developers of the machine that "zaps" the bread had intended for it to kill staph infection inducing bacteria and salmonella; however they realized it can effectively destroy mold spores.  Another benefit to the bread that is not directly seen when it is "zapped" is the preservatives.  In the bread we eat today, there are preservatives in the bread to make it last longer from the mold.  However, the preservatives change the taste, so chemicals are added to hide the taste of preservatives.  With "zapped" bread, you would be eating a much more natural slice of bread.

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The CEO of MicroZap, Don Stull, in an interview with the BBC said that this new technology won't be limited to bread.  Stull talked about how it his new technology can be used on products such as fruits and vegetables or even meats and poultries.  If we can cut down food waste by essentially putting food in a machine for a few seconds, we could save ourselves a lot of money in the long-run.

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