Big Bang ... Before It?

One of the biggest questions that man kind will ever have to answer is how life came to live on this planet.  There are a variety of theories on this and based upon the beliefs that you have, you may agree with one possible reason over another.  

One of the most accepted theories especially in the scientific community is the big bang theory.    This theory is explained through a model that shows how life developed on planet earth.  All of us here aren't science majors, and to make things easy and in English, pretty much what happened was the Universe was at one time billions of years ago, an extremely hot and dense space.  In addition the universe was also expanding rapidly at the time which in result caused massive cooling.  After the universe expanded it allowed for energy to be converted into various particles including many terms we are familiar with today such as protons, neutrons, and electrons.  Eventually these combined to make atoms which then further developed and well the rest is history literally.  


Although many agree that the big bang did cause life on earth to be a possibility it is not too often discussed on what happened BEFORE the big bang.  I find this to be an extremely interesting question especially because of the various theories that scientists have created.

There has to be something going on before the bang right?  Can you just imagine an endless black space with nothing?

As of right now there really is not a right or wrong answer to this question, especially since we we are not even certain that the big bang happened.  However it is fun to analyze and assume what there was if anything before the bang did occur.

After doing a variety of research on the topic I found out that there is one common answer.  Many believe that the universe consisted of pretty much nothing, at least anywhere near our proximity.  I find this hard to believe.  My first reaction besides that was i think scientists are just stumped at this point and really do not have a lead on what could have been happening 15 billion years ago.  At the time before the bang occurred, our universe was still expanding for a variety of reasons which were explained above. This expansion of the universe is believed to have been what is going on.  No human life obviously is thought to have been alive during the bang, and as we know now there is no evidence of another life form that was around to see it.

There are so many questions behind this.  Do you possibly believe that there could have been another form of life within our solar system or galaxy that was wiped out by the bang?  If you think that happened do you believe one day another bang could occur and wipe out our race?  In general what do you all think happened before the bang?  Remember there really is no wrong answer as long as you can back up your assumptions so have fun thinking of possible scenarios. 



Well in regards to your question of what happened to cause the big bang I feel it was due to another intelligent life. They built a Hadron Collider and created tiny black holes all over their world. These eventually sucked everything in. Once things began to spit out they reacted and BANG! Our known universe came to existence.

I kid, but it is fun to think about. I was actually just watching something last night about our solar system and its creation. They talked about how our system probably had more planets in it, but expansion and settling orbits created a centrifuge that eventually tossed them out into open space. It's crazy to think that happened and even crazier to think that those may have had intelligent life on them.

This is a very interesting blog because it poses the question of "what if". While you say that the common answer is that there was practically nothing before the big bang, what if there was. How do we know that there wasn't life just like ours billions and billions years ago. We don't know if this phenomenon had occurred prior to our solar system. It is very much possible for this little atom to have broken off of a previous planet, which got sucked into a black hole, and then millions or billions of years later it created enough energy to split at an astronomical rate. Anything is possible, does anyone have any objections to this theory?

This is a great article. I am in fact a believer of the Big Bang Theory, not the TV Show. I think it is incredibly interesting that you went on further to discuss what everyone is thinking, what happened before? Knowing all that we know now, I, personally, find it difficult to believe that the universe consisted of next to nothing. If there was life before, I think the explanation as to how that life formed and went extinct would be breathtaking. Maybe soon, we can find out for certain. Fun Fact: One million, million, million, million, millionth of a second after the Big Bang, the universe was the size of that of a pea.

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