As If You Didn't Need Another Reason Not To Smoke

A recent study coming out of the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center shows teenage women who smoke have lower bone density and eventually osteoporosis.  What Osteoporosis essentially does is makes your bones soft, thus making them easier to break.  Another symptom you see from osteoporosis is bad posture.  Very often you will see these victims bent over due to sore bones of some sort.  About half of your bone strength is gained throughout the teenage years.

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Dr. Lorah Dorn said "To our knowledge, this is the first longitudinal study to test and demonstrate that smoking by girls, as well as symptoms of depression, have a negative impact on bone accrual during adolescence"

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The study examined 262 healthy girls living in the Cincinnati area.  The girls were asked about their diets and lifestyle patterns along with undergoing three yearly visits to measure changes in their bone density.  Those who reported they smoked did not see growth in their lower vertebrate, and lost density in their hips.  The non-smokers had gained density in their bones in both their hips and lower vertebrate.  According to the study, at 19 years old the girls who smoked were a year behind in bone density growth compared to the control group.

What I'm trying to get at is why with all the science out there proving all the harm that smoking can cause do people still smoke?   

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