Are We Actually Meant to Eat Meat?

For a span of maybe 5-6 months this year I decided to be a vegetarian.  The thought stumbled upon me in January when I was thinking about different diet ideas I could try.  I'd thought about it before but I never really tried it just because I knew my family would complain about it and I didn't feel like having to make my mom food shop completely differently just for me.  I also wasn't sure whether there were any real benefits to becoming a vegetarian.


A friend of mine talked to me about it and explained how becoming a vegetarian was one of the best decisions she'd made.  When we'd spoken she'd been one for almost two years, and she said she could feel in her body how much healthier she was.  This confused me a little bit.  How do you feel healthier?  How do you know that your body is healthy inside?  She then explained that it's hard for your digestive system to process meat, so when you stop eating it your digestive system works a lot better.  This didn't seem possible to me.  I thought we were always born to eat meat.  But upon some research, I found a website with a list of reasons to become a vegetarian.  Number nine on the list clearly states that humans were not made to digest meat.  We were actually born as herbivores, and our digestive systems prefer to not have to process meat.  Another article shows how similar we are to herbivores, even though people make the common mistake of thinking we're omnivores since most people choose to eat meat.

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After reading this information I was sure being a vegetarian was a good idea.  I stuck to it for 5-6 months, like I said, but eventually gave into peer pressure and ate a chicken caesar salad.  My friends were annoyed with constantly having to pick our restaurants of choice based on my anti-meat diet, and I'm also not a huge animal rights guru so I wasn't doing it for any specific reason.  I can agree with my friend though that my digestive system was running so much smoother.  I really did feel healthier.  It's nice now to be able to have meat once in awhile, but for anyone considering becoming a vegetarian: try it out!

What do you guys think?  Should more people open up their minds to the idea of being a vegetarian, or should we continue to go against our herbivore nature and eat the meat?


I think there are definitely benefits to becoming a vegetarian, but I don't necessarily believe a person has to go to that extreme to receive benefits. I think a lot of the times when we eat meat (especially as college students), the meat is not necessarily the healthiest sorts of meat: maybe it is ground beef with a high fat content, or fried chicken, etc. Personally, I feel much different when I eat good meat (lean chicken, turkey or beef) rather than when I eat meat such as fast food, fried chicken. By choosing to eat lean means and add a variety of healthy vegetables to our diet, I think we can be our healthiest.

If humans are not supposed to eat meat then why does the body require vitamin B12 which primarily comes animal products? Doctors also suggest that if you are considering a vegetarian diet to consult them first so you can be suggested vitamins to cover the nutrients you won't be receiving from veggies. Knowing this makes me wonder about poor Hindus in India who religiously don't consume meat and whether or not they suffer from any malnourishment or other effects from their diets or if their bodies have adjusted to their lifestyles. Have their been any studies done on this?

Both of them make good points and so do you. Personally I could never go through with being a vegetarian because I loveee meat! My sister and my cousin both tried it but neither of them could stay with it either. Maybe there is just something about humans that wants meat, which makes it hard for me to think we're not suppose to have it. But this article is very interesting. It compares the anatomy of carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores to the human anatomy and it makes good argument that we are supposed to be herbivores.

There was a blog similar to this one, but it asked if becoming a vegan or vegetarian was actually less healthy. The findings were that since vegans cut anything made by animals from their diet that they need to take B12 vitamin supplements (this is usually found in animals).
I don't think we're not meant to eat meat because this certain vitamin that we need is found in it.

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