Are Humans Fully Evolved?

There are many theories on how we as humans got on this planet.  In my last blog i analyzed the big bang theory, and what possibly could have happened before that.  If you believe in the big bang theory then you may find this blog quite interesting.  

After doing some research I found out that the theory that most commonly goes along with the big bang theory is the theory of evolution. The two actually go hand in hand pretty well. The reason for this is that when the big bang occurred particles were created that eventually turned into atoms also known as the building blocks of life .  Eventually these building blocks of human life got planet earth as we know started.   According to many evolution theories, us humans started out as aquatic animals, then became primates which over time grew into cave men and so on.  Eventually we evolved into the present day human that we are today.

Here is a picture describing what i wrote above. 

As the years have gone by, humans and a variety of other species have apparently continued to evolve.  You may ask why?  There is the simple saying that 'Only the strongest survive'.  That statement could not be more true.  Humans and other species have had to evolve in oder to keep their race alive.

So the question to ask now is do you think humans are still evolving?  After doing some more research most evidence points to the answer of that question being yes.  Two common reasons that i came across were actually quite intriguing. 

 The first states that humans are resisting disease now more than ever.  This might be the result of better medicines and technologies, but at the same time you can also make a point that after looking at a study that was done in 2007 by researchers who found that over 1,800 genes have been found in humans over the past 40,000 years which help us to resist  various diseases.  This could be a clear sign of evolution.  In order to stay alive, our bodies over the years have learned to pass down traits that would help to repel and protect you from various illnesses.  

The second reason states that comprehensive studies have been done which show that the human brain is noticeably decreasing in size over the past 30,000 years.  According to metal which ran an article on why humans are in fact evolving, over the past 30,000 years our brains have become about a tennis ball less in size than the use to be.  Now you may ask why would a smaller brain mean we are necessarily evolving?  There are two theories.  One is that our brains are trying to adapt and become smaller but more efficient at the same time.  In addition, the second theory explains that smaller brains mean we are less aggressive individuals.  This itself would be a very interesting blog topic.  But if this theory is true and we are less aggressive , that means it would be easier for people within society to work with each other instead of against each other.

I think that this topic is a very interesting one that can be taken in a variety of directions.  What is your opinion?  Do you think that humans are still evolving to this day?  If so where do you think we are going to be at in 100,000 years from now?  We might look completely different after all that time goes by. 

Lastly even if you do not agree that we are still evolving, you can't deny that the human adapts very well to its surroundings in order to stay alive.  Why do you think we do this so much better than other species which have become extinct?   It would be interesting to hear responses.




Technically I don't think humans will ever stop evolving. However I also would wonder where evolution might be at in 100,000 years. Partly because of the fact that because our lifestyles have changed so rapidly in the last few hundred years, we have interfered with natural selection. For example, say there is a certain disease that is wiping out some people but not others and we develop a drug that cures it. Well now that group of people, instead of being wiped out, will continue to thrive and pass on down whatever genetics they have that make them susceptible to that disease. It directly interferes with natural selection. I think it would be interesting to find out more about why our brains our shrinking as well. There are other human traits, like molars, that we no longer use. It makes me wonder if the shrinking of our brains is a form of wiping out parts of it that haven't been used for thousands of years. We still know so little about the brain that it could be possible. I actually just got Origin of Species but haven't started it yet. Evolution is a really cool subject.

I absolutely think we will continue to evolve. Look at all that we've achieved just over the past decade in terms of technological advancements. We went from having a computer the size of an entire room, to a phone the size of our palm that can surf the internet, make phone calls, etc. I've read some stuff written by famed scientist Carl Sagan. A lot of his work is based on the study of the cosmos. I came across a video in particular that quotes his work and ideas of evolution. He discusses the idea of interstellar travel and whether or not it will be possible and whether we will see it in our lifetime or not. In the comment previous, Dylan asks about what evolution will be like in 100,000 years. This may help give an idea of what it could look like hundreds and thousands of years from now. Carl Sagan says in the video "It will not be we, who reach Alpha Centauri, and the other nearby stars. It will be a species very like us. But with more of our strengths, and fewer of our weaknesses. More confident, far seeing, capable, and prudent." I think this quote describes what evolution will look in 100,000 years very well. Although humans 100,000 years from now may look similar to us, they will be nothing like us. Who knows what kind of capabilities they will evolve and what "weaknesses" they will no longer have. It's definitely a cool concept to think about. Here's the video I quoted earlier, you should check it out it's really interesting.

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