Are "Eargasms" Worth It?


Does anyone else think using a Q-tip in your ears is orgasmic? Well I do. I clean my ears almost every day. Earwax seeping from your ears isn't pleasant at all. So in cleaning them it totally solves this problem. No harm, no foul right? Nope. Your body makes this substance for a reason. It's there to protect your ears from germs. When you rid your ears of wax excessively, you're making your ears more susceptible to all kinds of things.


Color me crazy, but I love the feeling when I clean my ears with a Q-tip. Why is that? Well, it turns out it's making the itching go away. "Where is this itching coming from?" you may ask. Earwax coats the ear canal and eardrum, which prevents the ears from itching. The lack of ear wax that results from stripping our ears of wax causes your ears to itch. Do. You. See. A pattern? Yeah it's completely ironic.

Some alternatives to shoving a cotton-covered plastic stick in your ear include:

Letting warm water run in your ears while you're in the shower and letting it drain out

Taking a warm washcloth and covering it with your pinky to clean the outer part of your ears.



I can completely relate to your love for cleaning your ears. Its like getting your back scratched in the perfect place! I do clean my ears every day and love every second of it. I am really surprised to hear that there can be negative effects to cleaning your ears of the wax. I always thought it was just a nuisance that was good to get rid of. You say that cleaning the wax may leave you susceptible to bacteria and germs but what could happen if these things do enter your ear? I recently saw my old high school trainer and we had a short conversation on this matter. She told me that there is research out now that says you should not put anything into your ear that is smaller than your elbow! There are sensitive parts inside your ear that can be damaged by products such as cotton swabs. I also saw recently an ad on tv for a new products that looks like a hair drier called the WaxVac. It has a small tip that you put inside your ear and it sucks the wax out. I don't know how well it works but I would be willing to try it.

Well this is unfortunate... I like clean ears too! My roommate and I were just discussing how there's nothing that we find more unattractive (besides dirt and body odor/bad breath) than ear wax in someone's ear. I can't believe that your ear itches because of a lack of wax and that Q-tips cause a temporary fix to the itch but in the long run remove the wax that prevents the itch in the first place... Ironic does not even begin to describe this! Also, according to this article: trying to remove ear wax with a Q-tip can cause for the wax to be pushed deeper into the canal causing hearing issues... So I guess the answer to an ear itch isn't grab a Q-tip after all.

Is there a reason why earwax builds up so easily in our ear canals? Also, if Q-tips aren't meant to clean your ears out with, why do people still do it? There's another way to clean your ears out as well. You can get it professionally done by a doctor, or you can stick one of those weird earwax candles in your ear. Apparently it's called ear candling, and you can find more information here.

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