Alcohol and Energy Drinks


We've all heard of Four Lokos (or "blackout in a can") and the drama surrounding them when they first came out. I'm sure many of you have had one, or a redbull and vodka, or have just had an energy drink before a night of partying. This is dangerous to our systems though.

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Caffeine tricks the body into thinking it is actually more sober than it is. If you think you are more sober than you actually are you are going to drink more than you normally would and this could lead to alcohol poisoning. Also, if you think you are more sober than you really are you are more likely to do something like drive your car when in fact you're really in no position to do that and it could be extremely dangerous to yourself and others.

The energy drinks don't affect how alcohol affects your body it only affects the way you perceive it. You think you're less impaired than you really are. The feeling is called "wide awake and drunk". Energy drinks also have a lot more caffeine than a regular soda; about three times more.


I agree that energy drinks cause drinking to become more dangerous. Even when I see my friends drinking red bull with liquor you always see a big difference from the person drinking with juicy. I was never really sure as to why but now you have answered my question. I had no idea that caffeine tricked the body and now I am eager to tell my friends this, maybe they will consider it next time they drink.

I agree that drinking energy drinks and alcohol is never a good idea. Energy drinks are a stimulant and alcohol is a depressant so the combination really messes with your heart rate and body at that. Four Lokos are said to be "crack in a can". It is a way to have vodka and an energy drink all at the same time. People who drink these tend to act more wild than those who don't. For a while Four Lokos were illegal, at least in Pennsylvania. They are one of the worst ways to consume alcohol. If you want to drink then be smart about it, don't mess with your heart.

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