Pink Slime!

After reading a post on artificial food additives I remembered seeing pink slime on ABC news a while back and learned that it was in my high school food... 

The picture to the right is what you have been consuming almost every time you have a hamburger or anything with ground beef in it. In 2001 Pink Slime was permitted to be used in certain foods prepared for human consumption. Prior to 2001 it was only used in pet food...

 It is a mechanically separated and disinfected meat product that has been added to up to 70% of ground beef on the market. It is cleaned with ammonium gas and citric acid. The ammonium hydroxide used in the process is what has caused controversy to arise. 

Even though the USDA have claimed the product is safe, the three largest grocery chains in the United States along with numerous restaurants and school districts have discontinued the use of this suspicious slime. Also, Canada and Europe both have banned it completely from their markets

But are these reactions a result of media hype or is this product actually dangerous?

Ammonium Hydroxide on its own can be very dangerous when it comes in contact with the skin, eyes, or is ingested. Long term exposure can lead to corneal damage, cataracts and glaucoma. However the USDA defends its stance stating that it has been tested extensively and small doses have been used for decades without consequence.

 So where does the truth lie? What do other countries see dangerous in Pink Slime that we don't?

 I believe the truth lies somewhere between the two extremes. Like the example of genetically engineered corn causing cancer or opposition to vaccinations, Pink Slime could be a safe product that has been blown up by the media, senselessly hurting the products market. However, there is also the case of the FDA rejection of Thalidomide that ended up saving numerous lives.   

It is our job to decide whether cutting costs or risking our safety is more beneficial. Is Pink Slime worth a decrease in price or is organic meat safer and more beneficial in the long run? 


Wow. Considering I consume ground beef at least once a week this has my head spinning. Is it only used in ground beef? Are there other forms of this that are used in other foods such as poultry? Do you personally think it is a problem if Europe and Canada have banned it, but yet we still have it in everything?

As far as I know ground beef is the only meat product it is in. However, chicken mcnuggets can't be described as much better. They are also mechanically separated and cleansed of additional bacteria in a similar process involving ammonia before being flavored, dyed, and shaped into the mcnuggets we know. Processed chicken also often contains beef... Ewww. Couldn't this bacteria the ammonia is killing be good bacteria? Are these chemicals both directly and indirectly hurting us?... Also a quick fact: The average fast food consumer eats an average of 12 pubic hairs a year from fast food...

This is a topic I could talk about for days. The government is so curpt. Americans everyday are eating beef from cows that eat sick and unhealthy cows. prior to them being slaughtered they are being raised in barns with no room for themselves. They stand for hours upon end and they are standing in their own manure. BESIDES all that disgusting information, SO many foods in today's grocery stores have ingredients that are potentially VERY harmful for people. MSG, Preservatives, Pink slime, etc. I dont think that this is just a publicity stunt, I deffinitely agree with the population that thinks this should be banned from human consumption. Humans shouldnt be eating Ammonium Hydroxide. I watched a documentary called Food Inc. Its also a book, you should deffinitely check it out if this interests you!

heres a link for more information about it:

I can definitely see both sides of the argument. I really don't like thinking about eating meat products that have "pink slime" in them. People who are informed of this are almost always horrified, however I am interested to see how many people would actually change their eating habits with this knowledge. The media can inform the public as much as they want but if their arguments are not compelling enough for the majority to change their opinions and habits I seriously doubt a change will be made. I agree that this pink slime is disgusting! On the other hand, I seriously doubt the next time i'm craving a McDonald's big mac I will pass it up due to this knowledge. It seems that until a definite conclusion of the negative health effects of this products is made, people will continue eating it. I also think that if that conclusion would be made, then companies would be forced to remove it and the public would essentially have the decision made for them.

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