Why do I love dogs more than humans?



I've mentioned it before but I'll say it again: I love my dog. It's as simple as that. I have a closer and more special relationship with him than I do with most people. I know that sounds weird and sad, and I realize that, so it made me wonder why this was. I know I'm not the only one in this world with such a special and important relationship with their pet. What is it about people that make them so close with their pets? Is there even a reason? Or is it just an unexplainable connection?

            According to Sarah Wilson, the relationship with your pet is determined by your own personality. She gives multiple reasons and instances for why certain people treat their animals a certain way in her article "Why We Love Cats and Dogs".  Weird as it may sound, I found that I fell into the "Soul Mates" section. She said, "The Soul Mate [is] Loving, attentive, and empathetic towards their dogs, true Soul Mates value the deep-feeling connections they develop with their pets. Soul Mates are always thinking of their pets' safety and wellbeing, and a Soul Mate's dog is always very well taken care of. Soul Mates are also known to take their dogs on many trips, adventures, and outings. As a result, their dogs are usually very well socialized." My dog, Niko, is a labradoodle (which are pretty big). Because of this, the rest of my family and I are not able to take him everywhere we go, but I still consider us "soul mates" because I know we would all love to. My dog is 10 years old and still acts like a puppy, he's always one of the most sociable dogs at the dog park. So is this the explanation I've been searching for? Is it all based on who you are specifically as a person? Or, is it something innate in the human brain that makes us want and cherish our relationships with our pets?

            Another article explains that, in general, we see our pets as an extension of our family, as our "furry children." The Iams Company spent millions on experiements and tests to figure that out, but it seems pretty obvious to me now. Of course I see my dog as my family, and that is probably why I love him and our relationship so much, just as I do with the rest of my actual, human family. This article explains the progression of the owner-pet relationship and how it eventually evolves into family.

dog-and-owner.jpeg            This article explains that these pet-owner relationships are the ones that we should strive for. It says, "Our relationships with our furry friends have great influence upon our well being and happiness." So, I guess in the end the idea is pretty simple: we need our pets. Whether it be because of our individual personality, or the sense of family, or just because they make us better people. We need them to feel a sense of purpose, a sense of love, and a sense of family. I know that Niko gives me all of these things, and I can only hope that he's feeling the same things in return!



I have a labradoodle too! He his this huge, black, curly ball of love and is always so happy to be around people he knows. He is almost 9 and still acts as a puppy as well and is always up for a game of ball or a walk at the park. I couldn't agree more with the soul mate description of personality and the traits listed. I certainly fall under this category as well, but I don't think it is all on the person. I think the type of dog is a huge factor as well. Just like every relationship, it is a two way street. I know that some of my friends don't love their dogs nearly as much as I love mine. Their dogs aren't as friendly and aren't as excited to see them, they don't want to play as much, and they don't put up with as much 'loving.' The personality of the dog is also very important, labradoodles are known to be extremely energetic and loving. I think it is rewarding for their owners to love them and play with them because they are so genuinely happy to be spending time with their owners. I know that I feel like my dog actually needs me and my parents say that when I go back to school after a weekend home, he mopes around for days because he misses me. Who knows if this is actually the case or not, but I'm inclined to think it is just because of our relationship. Great blog!

Such a good topic! I would have to agree that humans form a relationship with dogs based on their personality. I love my dog, but he has a much better relationship with my mom and I think that's because she is more willing to be selfless and show him attention, whereas I am always moving around and don't have time to just sit and relax. I found this really cool article about an experiment done to see if dogs could understand humans when we talk, and it turns out, they sorta can! Obviously, their brains do not function like ours, so we have to talk to them like we would to a young baby (which justifies the constant "Aww, who's a good boy?!" baby talk). Additionally, dogs require more attention than humans when being talked to, so we should look directly in the eye when speaking to them. Really fun topic!

That's so cool to hear that my dog may actually be able to understand what I'm saying. It makes sense that they understand baby talk more, because we tend to over exaggerate our emotions and certain words. For instance, whenever I ask my dog a question like, "Want a treat?" or "Want to go to the park?" I make my tone of voice extremely high and he knows right away what's about to happen and gets so excited instantly.

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