The Gas Shortage

     Many places are experiencing the aftermath of the hurricane Sandy,even though it occurred a few weeks ago. Some places have no power, no heat, streets are flooded, but there is also another huge problem. The gas shortage. My family and friends on Long Island told me that it can take up to 4 hours to get gas. You have to wake up extremely early and wait on a huge line just to get gas to drive to work. I have also heard that other states are thinking of methods like rationing gas based on if your license plate ends in an odd or even number. 
     Normally people don't think of getting gas as a huge deal that you have to plan out hours in advance. Usually you are driving, you realize "oh I'm running low on gas , I'm going to go quickly get some." What drivers take for granted is now completely different, temporarily. Many people are wondering, why is there this gas shortage?
     As we have all noticed, the storm affected the delivery of gas to the gas stations. According to Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York, the shortage is going to end. But when? 
    Well according to the Major it will end "in a couple of days" According to Governor Andrew Cuomo "28 million gallons of gas is being delivered." However this problem is still persisting. According to the acticle, many people waited hours upon hours just to get a tank of gas. 

One woman even waited for gas starting at 3:30 A.M., and didn't get gas until 10:00 A.M. Crazy! Normally it takes just a few minutes. I am going home for Thanksgiving next weekend and I am hoping to be able to drive my car and see my friends. But who knows if I will be able to because of this gas shortage.  It was promised to be solved for almost a week, yet it is still a shortage.
     If this problem is occurring temporarily because of a hurricane, what will happen when the world as a whole is running out of gas? WIll the world turn into chaos?


I grew up in central Jersey and my town is dealing with a very large shortage too. They have waited in lines hours long and have been in lines where the station ran out of gas to give. This past weekend, Chris Christie brought up something used in the 1970's. People are only allowed to go get gas based on the last number or letter of their license plate. Today is November 8th, so it is an even day. Therefore, people with an even number being the last character on a license plate is allowed to get gas. However, if you have an odd number or a letter, which is considered odd, you have to wait a day to get gas. I think this process will definitely help the citizens suffering from the Hurricane Sandy aftermath. Every little bit helps actually. I wish for my family, friends and citizens of New Jersey and the other places impacted by the storm the best recovery possible. Great blog again, and I hope your family is doing okay!

There are always long gas lines after a storm. In Florida people could not even buy gas for some time unless they were an essential person like working for the hospital or Home Depot. This is why the gas lines are long before the storm because people know it will be impossible to get gas after. It takes time for things to be cleaned up and normal transportation to resume. They should have closed public schools and put in a curfew and recommend that people stay home as much as possible. The quicker crews can get working, the quicker things will improve.
On the other hand, I can't help but wonder why Oil Companies, who get the big subsidies from your tax dollars, while making billions in profit, did not have better facilities and better infrastructures in a time of crisis.

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