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Do you chew gum a lot?  I know that I do.  I always chew gum... It's sort of like a habit, especially when I'm bored sitting in class or doing work.  I wondered if chewing too much gum is bad for you.  I didn't think I would find many negative things about it, but surprisingly, I found an article that says it can be very bad for you.  Chewing gum has tons of chemicals and artificial sweeteners.  Some of these include GMO corn syrup, artificial colors and flavors, and chemical sweeteners that most people would not be able to pronounce if they looked on the wrapper.  Sugarless gum has similar "neurotoxic sweeteners" that diet sodas have.  Also, I was shocked to see that chewing gum can lead to digestive disorders overtime.  When people chew gum, their body's digestive enzymes get ready for food that never comes.  The chewing tricks the body into thinking it will be getting food.  The digestive enzymes that are suppose to be used for meals are being used up and it is possible that there won't be enough enzymes for when you actually do eat and need to digest.  This is where people can develop digestive problems.  There were no studies done on this to back it up, but it seems believable to me.  I also found a lot of stuff on how chewing gum can be good for you.  Research funded by the Wrigley Science Institute showed that chewing gum can improve your memory and curve your appetite.  There was also a study done by researchers at the Baylor College of Medicine.  108 eighth grade math students were put into 2 groups and followed for 14 weeks.  One group chewed gum when they did their homework and took tests while the other group did not chew any gum.  The students who chewed gym had a 3% increase in their standardized math test scores.  This was a big surprise to me!  So ... is chewing gum good or bad?  Does it do more harm or good for people?  What do you guys think?  I think that a study should be done over many years and there should be a control group of people who don't chew gum, and then a group that must chew gum every single day for years.  Digestive systems will be looked at before and after the years of chewing gum.  Weight and appetite should also be looked at and measured before and after.



For some people, I think chewing gum can become almost an addiction. In this article, tips are given to help people stop chewing so much gum. One tip that I found interesting was the tip to reduce sugar in your diet because chewing gum may actually be a response to a sugar craving. It seems that with a lot of "addicting" foods, sugar seems to be a common factor. I think that humans have a predisposed liking for sugary thing that causes us to form many of the eating habits we have. I don't think people should stop chewing gum but I think that people should reevaluate why they eat what they eat.

I know similar studies have been done with mints during standardized tests and results show that students do better. That's why a lot of time during tests teachers may supply mints. I think this is because sometimes you can concentrate on the test too much and overanalyze. If you are chewing on gum or sucking a mint during a test you are subconsciously thinking about something else as well. I agree with you that a study where one group chews gum everyday would provide better results but there is no way this could be a double blind study. The participants would obviously know whether or not they are chewing gum. So with that being said participants may not choose to be in the study because there is a chance they'd knowingly be in the group that chews gum everyday for a long period time since there are speculations that this can cause serious digestive problems.

Gum is terrible for you. I actually started chewing gum a lot when I quit smoking years ago. I started to have horrible stomach cramps and felt like hell often. I chalked this up to withdrawal, but it turns out that the sugars in the gum are actually toxic in large amounts. Of course I was chewing two packs of orbit a day which is insanely excessive.

Chewing gum Poisoning

I have also heard that chewing gum curves your appetite; however it interestingly contradicts what you said about how it can be bad for your digestive enzymes to think that they are going to be receiving food when they are not. From that, it would seem that gum can make you gain weight because if you are wasting your digestive enzymes on gum, your body may not have enough enzymes to digest the real food when it comes. As a result, the food might sit in your stomach building up to cause weight gain. However, I could also see why gum might make someone lose weight. If someone is hungry and they start chewing on gum as if it was food, then it could trick their bodies into thinking they are eating food, and therefore suppressing their appetite. No calories except the gum were taken in, and the wanting to “chew” on something is gone. Either argument stands strongly in my opinion.
According to CNN News, scientists at Louisiana State University did a study of 115 people who chewed gum on a regular basis. The experimenters tested the participant’s cravings before and after they served them lunch. This would be experimental because the scientists are manipulating the participants by giving them food. However, it also makes me question why this experiment would not be observational if people eat lunch every day anyways. I think the answer to that question is because the experimenters needed the participants to be monotonous so the experiment could be leveled. I wonder what they fed the participants for lunch; that could affect their cravings before and after! They found that the participants who chewed gum three times an hour after lunch had less craving to snack. These people also reported less appetite and desire for food. So I guess my first hypothesis is true that gum decreases appetite because it gives the body a false sense of being filled up.
And now, for another theory about gum that I have heard all my life: does gum really stay in your stomach for seven years? I always hate when I accidentally swallow gum, it feels like a ball in my throat. According to Scientific American, this myth is untrue! The article points out a good point. If this were true, every time someone went to the doctor to get their insides checked, for example with a endoscopy, the multiple gums swallowed over years would be seen. And this is not the case; otherwise doctors would have noted so. Gum is basically digestible.
I do chew gum often, and I even find that is sometimes can be a stress reliever. It is like chewing my stress away because of how much effort I put into chewing it, if that makes sense. While gum may be recommended for losing weight or studying, dentists have told me that it is horrible for my teeth. They even told me it is better to eat chocolate than chew gum!

After doing a little research, i found out that chewing gum improves memory, reduces the symptoms of stress, manages weight, improves digestion, and improves oral health. I have had personal experience where chewing gum after a meal definitely makes my stomach feel a little better. I have also seen wrestlers trying to drop weight chew gum and then spit out all of the juice and spit, although i dont think thats what the article meant by managing weight

Well the fact that the increase in scores falls within the margin of error doesn't really help. For gum improving your memory, it would help the credibility of that statement if there is a study out there that isn't being funded by a company that makes gum. Would also be interesting to know if the type of gum affects this. If not then you might as well go for gum with less corn syrup or artificial chemicals unless they have a benefit that outweighs them worse for you than sugar free gum.

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