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 In the morning paper, one might flip through news stories, crossword puzzles, and perhaps check their horoscope. While reading horoscopes, many people get caught up in the eeriness of the similarities between what is written how it can relate to daily life.  My roommate will even dismiss unusual behaviors of others with, "He must be a Taurus." There is no doubt that astrology holds an important and even spiritual place in many lives, but is there any actual proven leverage to any of it?

                Most scientists have left astrology untouched, dismissing the whole concept as a sham until a French psychologist and statistician named Michel Gauquelin came along. Michel had been highly skeptical of the validity of astrology. He conducted research to find a correlation between a person's chosen profession and their natal chart. His research shows a tendency of a person's profession to correlated with the positioning of the stars. Critics of Gauquelin's work indicated that the only correlation present was those of members of higher professions rather than unskilled workers.


(Gauquelin's Mars Effect Chart)

                Michel Gauquelin's most controversial work regards a correlation he calls the 'Mars effect'.  He split times into segments when planets passed through the sky and noted that there was a spike of athletes that were born just after rise and culmination when Mars occupied two particular zones. He states that Mars is in these two zones more often for generals, physicians and sport champions and less often for painters and musicians. Critics of Gauquelin's work argue that he did not adjust the statistical significance of the Mars Effect for multiple comparisons and failed to address this issue  in any of his publications. Recent scientists have failed to reproduce his work.

                There is no strong scientific evidence of any proof of astrology, though that doesn't stop people from believing it wholeheartedly. Do you think the idea of astrology is too far fetched for scientist to attempt to explain rationally? Do you see any correlations between your personality and that of your astrological ' zodiac sign'? Do you put much faith into horoscopes? To check if your personality matches your sign, follow this link.

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Astrology is a very interesting subject and there is certainly plenty of unanswered questions within the field. As a result, we cannot be so quick to judge and criticize astrology no matter how irrational things may seem. The most controversial topic within astrology is the idea of horoscopes. People actively use horoscopes to predict their future, get advice, and so on. Oftentimes, horoscopes are eerily related to the readers life which is sometimes enough to convince the reader that the horoscope is not just some phony writing. Although I am not against astrology or horoscopes, reading this website ( brought up many valid and rational points as to why astrology may not be real. In agreement with this article, I too believe that horoscopes aren't real because they are generally very broad and general. However, I am open minded about this topic and I would definitely be interested in seeing how astrology advances in the future.

I used to read my astrology for awhile. Born on the 2nd of October, I am a Libra. Being a Libra, from an astrological standpoint I am one of the best signs to be. After maybe a year or so of reading my sign, I heard that they were adding a new sign to the mix. This freaked me out. How can you just add a sign to the zodiac. I was fuming. This couldn't be allowed I would say. I would stand atop my rooftop and yell at the universe, "How could this be? Why are you changing my sign?" After a few days of freaking out, I finally calmed down only to realize the dates were my sign were unaffected, I was still a Libra. I love being a Libra. But after that whole scare I began to question the nature of Zodiac. I did my own little personal experiment. I took a few weeks off reading no Zodiac, then I randomly chose signs to follow for a couple of weeks, maybe a few months at a time. Guess what happened? After awhile they all started making sense. I thought how could this be? If I am a Libra why am I aligning perfectly with the horoscope of a Capricorn, Gemini, Cancer, Aquarius. Then after uncovering this massive hole in the foundation of the whole Zodiac nonsense, I decided it was a sham. A way of the newspaper to get you to buy a copy. An app for your phone to make money. A way of a website to get traffic, hopefully to gain enough viewers to get some advertisements up.

For all of you who still believe in Zodiac signs, I am sorry to crush your entire life's worth. If it makes you feel any better, I recently went back to reviewing my Zodiac. It is fun to look at in the mornings over a cup of coffee or green tea. All I am saying is to not base your day by your Zodiac. They become self-fulfilling prophecies.

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