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Hurricane Sandy obviously had a lot of physical effects and left tons of damage.  Everyone shows pictures and videos about the physical damage, but I haven't heard much about the psychological effects it has had on people.  There are many different layers of stress.  Some people lost everything, some people just had damages, and some people stress out just hearing about everything that has been going on.  Routine is one thing that has been interrupted that causes stress.  I watched a video where psychologist Dr. Laura Saunders explains how to cope with all the stress Sandy has brought.  It focused a lot on kids.  Kids not being able to go to school may seem cool at first, but this change in routine stresses them out after a few days.  They have become bored from not having technology, not being able to play outside, etc.  It is also suggested that parents don't let their kids watch too much news about Sandy because seeing tons of pictures and videos of the damage causes more stress in kids.  This can cause kids to scared and worried as well.  It is important for everyone to focus on what they have instead of what they have lost!  Hopefully, everyone will be able to cope with the changes Sandy has brought and the psychological effects will only last for a short time.


This was a really interesting blog. With the physical damages left by storms such as Sandy, we often forget the mental impact that natural disasters can have on those involved. A study that I found on noted that the stress you mentioned often causes anxiety and restlessness in the the weeks following a natural disaster. During this period those stressed may be plagued with disturbing memories and nightmares. Fortunately in most studied cases, these symptoms commonly reduce over time and no serious mental illnesses are sparked by the disaster. Unfortunately, in some cases these natural disasters can have a more serious impact on mental health. After Hurricane Katrina, an increase in diagnosed mental health problems was seen in New Orleans. It is thought that the long-term stress brought on by the recovery process and financial turmoil after Katrina, led some people to develop psychological problems. Hopefully, the Sandy relief effort will not be so tedious and people will not have to live in constant stress!
Here's a link to the Phys site:

I never thought about the psychological damages. I was so wrapped up in pictures of the disaster that I didn't take the time to really consider how it was affecting people. It frustrated me throughout that week that so many people who weren't struck with horrific damages could seriously complain about not having power. People who lost their homes and so many important things to them had the right to complain, not people who had to shower in cold water for a few days. I really think people should consider the psychological aspects more because that's what's left even after the physical damage is taken care of.

Coming from someone who is born and raised in a coastal New Jersey town, Hurricane Sandy definitely had its effect on myself and my family. Luckily, my house was ok with minimal damage. However, my town was ultimately destroyed and endless months of reconstruction will have to happen in order to restore it to its natural state. Although I was not in New Jersey while Hurricane Sandy struck, my family gave me lots of details after about what it was like to experience such a natural disaster. I feel that no members of my family will or are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I absolutely agree that such massive disasters can cause psychological problems in the future. I found it interesting that you thought of the psychological effects of Hurricane Sandy while everyone is focused on the physical effects. I strongly believe that PTSD can absolutely be caused by Hurricane Sandy. According to Psychology Today, explains that that "'any overwhelming and distressing experience' can cause trauma and that trauma is only recognizable its symptoms." Types of experiences such as hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes tend to traumatize large populations that are effected at once, and can cause Survivor Guilt and PTSD symptoms. Psychology Today also states that such natural disasters have caused people to "lose faith in their God" because they feel a sense of betrayal. I feel like PTSD could absolutely be a psychological effect that you are referring to.

This blog is very useful to kids who attend Penn State because I know a lot people who had their homes and towns destroyed while they are here are feeling the pain just as much if not more than those who were actually in it. They even feel guilty for not being there to try to help save their belongings or loved ones. I decided to google some potential tips for coping with traumas. Given below is an article with many tips for people to deal with a trauma. These vary from how feelings can become intense and unpredictable to various physical symptoms one can feel. It is definitely worth suggesting this article to people you know could use it after this horrific event.

This article is interesting. There are many situations just like Sandy that can cause something like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in kids.

This article talks about this stress disorder in children

I think it is very important the kids know it is not their fault and there is nothing they can do about a traumatic event that may have happened in their lives. Events such as Sandy where children may have lost family members, their homes, their school etc. My neighborhood was effected by Sandy. There was no electricity for about a week. My family was charging their phones in their cars. They were in line for gas for about an hour. My town just started school yesterday (Wednesday). I was thinking to myself wow that would be nice to not have school for a week and a half. However, I was wrong. People were making status's on facebook saying they'd rather be in school than be at home. These are mature high school students. I can not even imagine if these were little children who do not even know how to entertain themselves. Is there anything in your life that has happened that makes you nervous to do now? I know when I was younger I was at school and we played a game and the tennis ball hit a hornets nest and we were chased around our school and our school was infested with hornets everywhere. I am now scarred for life from bees. What about you?

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