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A lot of things happened to me this summer and I am proud to say that The Walking Dead is one of them. I watched the first episode and was instantly hooked. I have watched many typical supernatural movies and TV shows that mostly have to do with ghost, vampires, witches and werewolves. Zombies have become this new phenomena and I think it's really interesting how people are reacting to it now. I know there has been plenty of Zombies moves before my time but in this day and age, it's become so prevalent that there are some people that really believe in the zombie acoloapse. There are so many websites and resources out there to get you prepared for the zombie apocalypse. 

I have gathered some knowledge (one could say my hypothesis) on how to survive the ever-approaching apocalypse from the things I have seen. The most important thing is your location. The more populated the area the more people have exposure to the virus/disease, which means the more people that are going to turn. I always thought State College would be a good place to be because of all the farmland but I remembered that Penn State is very populated so as long as you can make it out of Penn State country, you will have a head start on most people that are left in major cities.

Second, are the people you surround yourself with. It's a very important part of your survival to find people that can hunt, knows first-aid, good with weapons, geography and all things of that nature. You should probably identify those people now and have them ready if the apocalypse comes. I would say have a meeting place where you all will meet each other if this was to happen.

And of course there is the stocking up of food and necessities but one thing that I now, after watching The Walking Dead I have put into consideration, are contraceptives. If there is a zombie apocalypse people are probably still gong to have sex because its human nature. Its not the smartest idea to give birth during the zombie apocalypse so if having sex is still a priority to you, I would advise on stocking up on birth control and condoms and all those things. Last episode of The Walking Dead was when Lori died giving birth, it was a really heart wrenching scene and if you don't want to end up like her, I advise you to take heed to my warning.

There are also so many books you can buy that give you information on how to survive but Center for Disease Control (CDC) still denies that zombies exist. This starting to come about because Miami police was reporting cases of people trying to eat other people and apparently they came to find out that some of the people was doing bath salts.  The CDC does however have a blog that discusses precautions to take if the zombie apocalypse or any other disaster were to happen. The CDC is a fan of the show The Walking Dead even after the CDC was blown up at the end of the first season.  The CDC's blog says to have an emergency kit that includes things like water, medicine, food, clothing and important documents. Also to have an emergency plan like where to meet, which I stated earlier. The CDC took a very practical approach to the zombie apocalypse and reminded us that if this were to happen they would be on tip of it. Here is the link to their blog. I think its interesting and worth reading for the sake of it.

What are the precautions that you will take when the zombie apocalypse comes? I know I couldn't name them all and probably forgot other important ones. Do you think the CDC will be able to maintain the outbreak and create safe zones? What are your thoughts?



To answer your questions at the end, I think that if there ever happened to be a zombie apocalypse it would start with a huge outbreak and people would not know what to do but then eventually there would be a few very intelligent people who would figure out how to control it. It is just like anything else. When there is an outbreak of a new disease or an outbreak of an already known disease or illness such as the flu, there are some extreme cases but then there is a shot that makes the severity of the disease die down. So if this were to ever occur, there would be a huge outbreak but then eventually some solution would help the cause.

It's funny that you blog about this because I too started watching this show. However, you started over the summer and I started this past weekend when I went home to help my family in New Jersey fix up the house thanks to Sandy. I watched the first two seasons on Netflix then found a website to watch the season three episodes. I am fully caught up and I cannot wait for the live episodes. I don't know if you believe in a zombie apocalypse, but I know I do not. I just feel that it is too far fetched and not believable at this moment in time. But if I were to play along, after watching this show it has helped me prepare for it. I think the first step is becoming best friend with a sheriff though like Rick. Location also has to be one of the more important things to focus on because in the show the group struggles finding places to stay. The penitentiary can still be the perfect place if it was not for the prisoner who let the zombies out. In the last episode, however, even if the zombies did not come after them Lori still would have died giving birth. That scene was also very sad for me because I personally liked her character in the show even though she has made her fair share of mistakes. The thing about this show is that I have no idea how it will end but I can really only imagine two outcomes. Either there is a cure or everyone gets bit and turns into zombies. Also, I have thought that it was possible that everyone is possibly turning into one very slowly day by day. Please let me know what you think about that! Great to see another Walking Dead fan!


I hope everything is okay with your house. I live in the Philadelphia area so we really only suffered power outages, which is not that serious but everyone was acting like it was the end of the world.

I don’t believe in the zombie apocalypse per se but I do believe that we could have a massive outbreak of something foreign that could possibly not be controlled for sometime. The brain is the most interesting and complex part of the body. It controls absolutely everything about you. So if there ever is a disease that could damage your brain when your dead and make you still function, I don’t see it being that far fetched, you probably wont get up with a sudden lust for eating people lol but I am a very open-minded person and don’t take anything for granted.
But of course this blog is for fun and I like thinking about all the different scenarios because at the end of the day you never really know. I agree that the hardest part of the zombie apocalypse is finding a home because its not only finding a place its maintaining it. As soon as you find a place that is livable, you have to build borders, probably plant and make sure the surrounding areas are safe. I think if the apocalypse ever really happened most people would simply just die from not having a home next to diseases other than the zombie bite.
I honestly thought that Lori would live. I didn’t think the show had the balls to kill her off in only the fourth episode. I thought Herschel was going to be able to deliver the baby. I think what really got her was the fact that they had to cut her open, maybe if it was a regular birth she could have survived. Back in the day women survived giving birth without all the things we have now.
I never really thought of that but that could be so true! I like the fact that this show acknowledges the fact that it takes time to become a zombie. I liked that it took Amy overnight to become a zombie, which gave Andrea time with her. I think it’s really unrealistic to believe that they would turn immediately. Its takes other harmful diseases time to spread in the body also. And the fact that they are all infected could truly mean that they are all dying slowly. That’s so interesting to think about!

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