How Heartbreak Affects Your Health


It sounds silly, but getting your heart broken affects your health in many different ways. It starts as emotional pain and can even lead to physical suffering. This journey begins from the second you say your goodbyes. Your adrenal glands start producing adrenaline and cortisol. Your blood pressure also starts to sky- rocket. Your stress hormomes depend on how bad the break up was. The worse the breakup, the more stress hormones working.


Another reaction to a breakup is how your brains activity starts to increase greatly. According to abcnews , "It's like clockwork: Your eyes hit that photo of the two of you and--boom!--awful stomach pit. You feel sick, yet you can't look away. That's because the moment you saw his face, blood started rushing to your brain's pleasure center, the ventral tegmental area. These are all the good times talking. The command center for craving and longing also lights up. It demands attention--one reason you're obsessed with driving by your ex's house, stalking his Facebook page, or trying to replace him with some other satisfier." Its scary how the brain makes us feel such strong, crazy emotions over a person.

According to  Dr. Sinatra, heartbreak from a break up can actually do damage to your heart. It states, "The reason is that heartbreak is a stress that sets into motion your body's natural "fight or flight" response. When your body enters into this response, the released adrenaline raises your blood pressure and increases your heart rate and breathing. If your body remains in this alarm mode for any length of time, you become prone to stress-producing conditions, ranging from aching neck muscles and headaches to ulcers, allergies, diminished sexual desire, and heart disease.

Heartbreak can be tough. But we need to understand that no relationship is worth physically harming your body through a terrible heartbreak. We should remember to remain strong so little damage is done to our fragile hearts.



This article is so interesting, and so accurate. As someone who recently went through a break up, I can understand the feelings described in these findings. I'm most familiar with the "fight or flight" response discussed by Dr.Sinatra. The responses of "fight or flight" include shaking, increased heart rate, inhibition of stomach (results in a stomach ache), and paling or flushing. When my boyfriend and I broke up I definitely noticed that I experienced these symptoms. After a good nights rest I was able to clear my mind and felt better the next day, but some people probably aren't so lucky. After looking up some more information on "fight or flight" I stumbled upon this article about anxiety disorders. One of the primary challenges of someone with the disorder is that they have a hard time returning to a normal sense of calmness. I wonder how a breakup would be for someone who had an anxiety disorder. Do you think having the disorder would make it significantly harder to get over the breakup? How do you think living with things like an anxiety disorder can affect daily life?

I was going to be extremely clever and post something I read a while back about how falling in love actually makes you dumb, but I can no longer find the actual article.

I did however, find an article relating love to crack cocaine. I found it to be a good read and for the most part it made sense. People do crazy things for love. We ignore obvious problems, are more willing to accept obvious lies, and we will go to great lengths to maintain the relationship.

Love is like crack

I can 100% relate to this article because I've been through the insane things that love can do to you. It's crazy how much one person can mean to someone and it really isn't healthy when it can have such awful effects post break-up. In this article I found it also mentions a few other physical effects people go through after a break-up. It's interesting because just as I can relate, I'm sure millions of others can too. But I agree that it's important to try to keep yourself as healthy as possible. No one is worth hurting your own health.

I found this article to be very interesting. I had no idea heartbreak could affect someone’s health so severely but after reading this article it makes a lot of sense. Heartbreak causes stress and everyone knows stress can kill you. Am I the only one that was hoping this article would tell you how to prevent heartbreak or if it is possible to prevent it?

I actually saw a similar article on that says that "The same regions of the brain that are activated when people experience pain in their bodies also become active when people feel rejected by someone they love." So when you have a broken heart and feel rejected, you can actually get physical pain, or it feels just as bad as physical pain. "The mind, brain and body are tightly linked," says Dr. Kross who held a study examining the brains of heartbroken people. "These findings may offer insights into how heartbreak and rejection can lead to different types of physical illness and disorders." This study and topic is so interesting because it shows how social human beings are that heartbreak can cause even physical pain without actually harming the body, just the mind. Going through a breakup is really tough but I think after reading this posts and articles that it'll help me remember not to take it so hard because even experts and researchers say that dealing badly with heartbreak can cause a lot more damage than you think.

This was such an interesting blog. It is crazy the way our body is designed to love and deal with others when things do not go right. This msnbc article ( discusses how to help fight the physical effects. To relieve stress, exercise is actually a great option!

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