Does Farting On A Pillow Cause Pink Eye?

   Have you ever heard the saying that farting on a pillow can cause pink eye?  I was never sure if this was true.  My friend's brother farted on his pillow one night and a few days later he got pink eye.  We were not sure if this was just ironic or if him farting on his pillow was actually true.  
Pink Eye
   Pink eye is medically referred to as conjunctivitis. This is also known as inflammation of the outermost layer of your eye ball (the conjunctiva).  Usually this is a result of a virus, bacteria or an allergic reaction.  The difference is a viral or bacterial cause of pink eye is contagious.  Pink eye from an allergic reaction is not.  Most of the time, in children, it is passed around from hand-eye contact.  This includes a child who has pink eye touching a toy and passing it onto another child.  The children may not have touched each other, but they did touch common objects.  Also if the birth mother of an infant being born has gonorrhea or Chlamydia the child is bound to get pink eye as well.  The mother can prevent this from happening by getting a vaccination.  

Pink Eye Is Not From Farting on Pillows
    The myth that farting on pillows can cause pink eye is NOT TRUE.  Most pink eye can be a result of poor hygiene.  By not washing your hands or face on a daily basis, this can cause random forms of bacteria or viruses to enter your body.  We touch our face a lot with our hands, even when we don't know it.  By not washing our hands this is applying harmful substances to our face. If we don't wash our face often, the bacteria that our faces intake throughout the daily course of a day, could build up and turn into something like pink eye.  Also, the gases that most likely will come from our farts are gases such as methane.  These will not cause pink eye.  

The Slim Chances of Pink Eye Occurring From Farting on a Pillow
    There are very very slim chances of pink eye occurring from farting on a pillow.  If a person is not wearing any sort of undergarments such as underwear or a form of pants, then they fart on your pillow, certain bacteria may transfer onto your face or into your eye.  This would mean the person can not be wearing any sort of pants or underwear they would fart on your pillow and you would immediately have to lay your head on the pillow for a certain length of time.  I say you have to immediately lay your head on the pillow because bacteria dies quickly when it does not have a host.  Our pillow is not a host for bacteria or viruses.  Yes, our farts can contain bacteria that can transfer onto our pillow, but this will not stay on our pillow for a long length of time.  80 percent of bacteria is in our large intestine.  If that bacteria from our large intestine comes out in our farts, it could reach the pillow, as I said earlier.  
    If the person is clothes,for that matter, you have nothing to worry about and there is no way you will receive pink eye from someone farting on your pillow.  No gases or bacteria can transfer through the clothing.  

  There haven't been reliable experiments done on pink eye.  However, scientists are certain of it's causes and solutions.  
  So after all of this if someone farts on your pillow, especially with clothes on, don't be scared you're going to be okay and pink eye free.  If someone does think they're funny and farts on your pillow without anything covering their butt, then consider changing your pillow case just in case.  Also, always wash your hands and face, you never know what bacteria could be on your hands or things you touch.  
  Do you still think that farting on your pillow can cause pink eye?  Has this ever happened to you? Share your stories below! 


Hahahah! My best friend got pink eye when we went to the beach a couple of years ago and her cousin kept trying to tell her he farted on her pillow without any sort of underwear on and that's how she got it. Maybe this is true, if he did indeed do it. Like you said though, the chances of that are highly unlikely. I wonder if bacteria can be spread through farting, though. Sneezing and coughing spreads bacteria, and a fart is kind of similar, in a way. There has to be a lot of bacteria that comes out when someone farts, so I don't think it is too far off of a question. The smell that some farts produce is awful, and we aren't supposed to breathe in bad smelling gasses, so it is possible that breathing in farts could actually be harmful to us. I tried to google this, but nothing scientifically backed up really came up, a lot of funny blogs and thread posts though did. I recommend googling "can farts spread disease?" if you are looking for a good laugh!

I had always heard about this and I just assumed it must be true, and then I would look at people who had pink eye like they were disgusting. Whoops! I'm glad you brought up the other sources of pink eye such as not washing your hands. Some other sources of pink eye that I found include dry eye, allergies, chemical fumes and smoke, or even wearing contacts. Bacterial pink eye could also be a result of a staph infection or gonorrhea.

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