Do you feel love in your heart or your brain

Everybody hears the cliche when someone gets dumped. "My heart hearts" But does it actually hurt? And if it does, is it because they were in love? The point of this blog is to put the end to the mystery and bring out the facts. 
     According to an analysis by a Syracuse professor, it depends. That is a very broad answer but in her analysis she goes on to explain how when you fall in love you experience a similar sensation to one of using cocaine. You get a euphoric feeling but it also affects certain areas of the brain. 
     There is also another very common cliche. This is the cliche of "love at first sight" Researchers found that yes, there is such thing as love at first sight. So according to this study do you fall in love by you brain or your heart? According to them the answer is the brain but the heart is also involved.
     According to another study, when you see the person you love the reason your heart starts to beat fast is because of adrenaline. According to Dr. Reginald Ho, the brain sends signals to the adrenal gland, which then secretes  hormones and then they go to the heart which causes the heart to beat faster (

The final answer to this question is, there is not a direct answer. There has not been a lot of research done on this topic so therefore there is not one final answer. Some people think one way and some people think another. What do you think?


All of the reactions that you have named stem from the brain. From what this article said, I would argue that the brain is the source of the feelings and emotion which causes love. Emotional responses stem from the amygdala, the emotional command center for the brain. Because of this, I would conclude that emotion comes from the brain.

I wrote a blog similar to this last blog session.

I wrote about how when in love your body produces different chemicals.
This article by CBS news also talks about this topic

I believe it is in both. Your brain puts together all of the thoughts as to why you love or like a person and your heart eventually feels it. Your brain tells you you like or love someone and your heart feels the emotion. I do not know exactly where the heart came into play and who started the words heart break because we all know your heart doesn't really break. I think your heart beats faster when you are nervous and typically around someone you like you get a little nervous. I do think though the brain is where this all begins. We all know if you are brain dead you are technically dead because your brain tells your body what to produce and what to feel.

Do you think its the brain or the heart? What hurts or feels the best when you see the person you love?

The brain plays a major part in your life. When it comes to love, its even more difficulty to decipher what the brain’s actual function is. The brain helps us to sometimes suppress pain. People can be shot and not feel it because of their adrenaline. When it comes to feeling good things, can the brain work backwards and let the good in? What about tears? Does the brain tell you to produce them too?
When I am hurt my heart does hurt or chest feels weird like there is something holding it down. I guess that’s the brain telling my heart its ok to feel this pain. That’s probably why people do drugs when they get depressed or sad because it tells the brain to suppress the pain. Its just like what drinking coffee does to the brain. The caffeine tells the brain you’re not tired, when in reality, you still really are but you don’t feel tired anymore.
I believe the brain can control how, when and if we physically feel things but when it comes to love I think the heart has the most power because when you get hurt you get hurt. The brain might be able to suppress the pain but the heart will always have the initial feeling.

I've always wondered why the heart is associated with love so I decided to do some digging. What I found was that a Roman physician named Galen originally hypothesized that this emotion originated in a human being's heart, but was proven false. However, even though it is not true, the heart has remained the symbol of love ever since. Additionally, as has been stated above, the heart is considered the seat of emotion, not because we understand the change of emotion in our heart (that happens in the brain), but because the physical reactions we can understand from a change in emotion mostly occur in the heart (racing heartbeat, high blood pressure, etc.).

I'd say it takes place entirely in the brain. I think people probably associate the heart with emotions just because when you feel extremely powerful emotions-heartbreak, butterflies, etc.- the "feeling" is in your chest. You could argue that because it is the that changes in response to the reactions in your brain that that shows it's the heart, but that doesn't change the fact that the initial reaction is in the brain so it at least gets most of the credit I think. I think it also goes against the idea of "thinking with you heart". No, you're either thinking with your brain or not-the heart follows afterward. To Nia, there's no evidence that your heart feels emotions, at least in the sense of it being able to produce them itself. It has to get the signal from the brain to "feel" anything which kills the argument of emotions initially being in your heart.

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