Chapstick or Crackstick?


A phrase my roommate can tell you is constantly spewing out of my mouth as I rush to get ready to go somewhere.  I'm a huge fan of the EOS egg shaped chapsticks.  I have them in every color, and I won't leave the building without one.  If my lips are dry I get irritated and mean until they're perfectly moisturized.  But is there really such a thing as a chapstick addiction?  I looked into a few articles and it's somewhat debated among people.
smooth-sphere-lip-balm-group-6-skus-1-400x295.jpgIn the Washington Post's article about it they claim that there really is no such thing as a chapstick addiction.  People simply like the idea of having hydrated lips, but it's better that we hydrate them by drinking water rather than lathering them in wax.  If anything it's suggested that people addicted to chapstick switch over from the wax kind to the jell kind.  Vaseline is an especially better replacement.


In another article a woman, Amanda Elser, discusses her friend's insane attachment to her chapstick.  After witnessing it for too long, she went to Dr. Zeichner of Mount Sinai Medical Center to get some answers.  One thing that Dr. Zeichner informed her of is that there is such a thing as over-moisturizing the skin (which includes the lips) because it can cause your body to lost the ability to moisturize itself naturally.  This doctor, just like the Washington Post said, explains that people need to make sure they're choosing a good product when using lip balm because that could be the key to not over doing it.

What do you guys think?  Do any of you find yourselves addicted to chapstick, and if so do you think you'll change the brand you purchase or quit using it altogether?


I am also a huge Chapstick addict! I can't go out anywhere without some on me in fear that if my lips get chapped it will be all that I'll think about until they are re-moisturized. After reading your post, Kelsey, it made me really think if my love of Chapstick is really an addiction and how I can change it. I googled Chapstick addiction and came across a website called It is full of people asking this blogger questions about their Chapstick use. Inside the blog there is a section reading: Is Balm Addictive? They define addiction as: 1. To devote or surrender (oneself) to something habitually or obsessively and 2. To cause (a person) to become physiologically dependent on a drug. By definition people who obsess over having moist lips are addicted. And I'm not sure about you, but it takes a toll on my thinking when I have chapped lips because all I can think about is how I need to get Chapstick. It seems like an addiction to me. This website, which is mocking people for Chapstick use if you didn't catch that, recommends Blistex and Chapstick (the company type of lip balm) to it's readers because they have seen the best results with those. What do you think? Is there a specific brand that can actually help people not have chapped lips? Or are chapped lips inevitable.

I am also suffering from a chapstick addiction. I would like to stop but I know that will never happen. I decided to research some of the best chopsticks for your lips just so I don't have to give up my favorite thing in the world. "Glamour" Magazine gives many examples of good chopsticks that will require less applications and potentially decrease the addictive ways we use chapstick. The solution to your problem is using a better brand of chapstick and then the obsessiveness will decrease greatly.

I found your blog post really relatable. However, I thought that in using the word "addiction", it's important to define what an addiction is and how it differs from a habit. The Medical News Today site compares the differences between the two in detail. It defines addiction as when "the person is unable to control the aspects of the addiction without help because of the mental or physical conditions involved". However, a habit is when the "person with the habit can choose to stop, and will subsequently stop successfully if they want to". Essentially, with an addiction there are psychological aspects involved, which are absent when it comes to a habit.
Looking up these definitions made me wonder whether people's affinity for Chapstick would be considered a habit or an addiction. It then made me wonder whether people apply it often because their lips are chapped or because they become addicted to the act of applying it. I know I apply Chapstick when I'm bored or in awkward situations, even if my lips aren't chapped!
Finally, I'm really glad you addressed the risk of using lip balm too much, thereby hindering the body's ability to moisturize lips naturally. I think the risk of this kind of dependence with lip balm and other products (such as shampoos) would make for a really interesting follow-up blog!

I know I can find myself highly addicted to chapstick. It's kind of curious, however, that there's no information about whether or not this is actually an "addiction". Referencing Caitlin, I'm sure there it could be considered more of a "habit" considering the fact that there are probably people out there that just can't walk away from it. Is this more of an OCD thing, though?

This article about addictions lists Chapstick, and actually has some good points as to why it can be addicting. The chemicals in it can cause as slight rush for some people when you put on the chapstick. Also, it gives you a "good" feeling when you apply it. While it may not be QUITE as dangerous (Read that article for some reasons why there are a few risks, though!) as drugs, it seems to be the same principle for me. People get addicted to drugs or alcohol because it makes them feel good. Lip balm makes you feel good, too, even if it is only your lips.

Interesting to read, though, how harmful the chapstick actually is in the long run.

While I do not use chapstick, on a regular basis, I do get annoyed when my lips become chapped. I have seen many kids carry chapstick with them at all times. I have never understood this, but maybe there is such thing as an addiction.

What interested me the most regarding this blog was the point that Dr. Zeichner made about overusing chapsticks. Lips being overmost is not the most deadly issue, but it may be the start to serious problems as a society. What will happen to us when we continue our usage of medicines, chapsticks, deodorants, hand soaps, etc. too much that it pushes us over the edge? People made it thousands of years ago without any of these items. Hopefully they will not be the fall of man.

I have always been "addicted" to chapstick however, lately my "addiction" isn't as bad as it used to be. One reason I think many people get addicted to chapstick is because some chapsticks we use actually may seem soothing, but in the long run make our lips drier and more irritated, as this article points out. Also, I think by constantly moisturizing our lips, we make them more sensitive and therefore more susceptible to becoming chapped. I know from my own experience that once I started using chapstick less and less (although I still do use it occasionally), my lips have become less irritated and that I am not reaching for my chapstick nearly as much as I used to.

I’m not addicted to chapstick but I do find this article to be interesting and helpful. I can see someone being addict to chapstick depending on how frequently they use it. In my opinion, people can be addicted to anything depending on how attached they are to an item. I had no idea that someone could over-moisturize their lips. I wonder is there any scientific evidence that drinking water is better to hydrate your lips than using chapstick or Vaseline?

I am definitely another chapstick addict.. I have chapstick in my purse, backpack, pocket, and on my desk at all times. I never thought of how it could be a bad thing though, so I'm happy you posted the thing about how over moisturizing can be bad and essentially harmful in the long run. I definitely agree with Caitlin in that applying chapstick is more of a habit than an addiction. I'm just so used to always applying my chapstick, especially when my lips feel dry! I put it on every morning when I wake up. I usually don't have dry lips when I wake up, but I'm just accustomed to doing it every morning. I'm definitely just in a habit of putting on chapstick and not an addict, because I rarely put it on in the spring and fall. I always do in the summer and winter though because that's when my lips get chapped!

I wouldn't consider myself a Chapstick addict, but prone to chapped lips. In the winter months when i am using more Chapstick, i do notice that my lips are drier, causing me to apply Chapstick more frequently. This could be the couse of improper hydration or the extremely dry weather that is associated with pennsylvania winters. Maybe considering alternate approaches might help the Chapstick addiction. One yahoo article subjects, trying a humidifier, weekly exfoliation, and a daily hydration routine. Have you considered that the Chapstick addiction may be more of a psychological effect? And maybe some of these other remedies may help!

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