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As the world we live in is devoted and dependent on technology, we often become so caught up in modern amenities that we assume we are invincible to the natural powers of the world. Events such as Hurricane Sandy disprove this popular misconception. The devastating path of the hurricane left cars flooded and useless, millions of people without power, and many dead. If we have evolved so much and are so immune, why did a hurricane manage to be so destructive? While we may have come far in the last decade, nature reigns superior.


In the past several decades, humans increasingly become dependent on technology for accomplishing tasks, remaining in tune with the world around them, and for basic survival.  A pamphlet put together by the American Nuclear society describes how dependent most people are on electricity to carry on with their daily lives. On top of numerous other uses, electricity is used to heat and power homes, light homes, cook meals, and power precious computers and mobile device. Without electricity, most people are literally and figuratively left in the dark. An article in USA Today notes how people not only use their cell phones for staying connected anymore, but have also become depend on their phones for accomplishing tasks including, finding where a location is or even entertaining themselves. Many of the subjects interviewed for the article claimed that they feel a sense of "nakedness" when their phone is not with them or is dead.  Technology has become the cornerstone of our daily existence. 


Such undeniable dependency on technology made the impact of Hurricane Sandy all the more disastrous. According to an aftermath report by CBS News, the super storm left more than 8.2 million homes and businesses without power. Millions of people were left desperate for electricity. This need is illustrated as areas that retained power became charging stations for the people who lacked the ability to charge their devices on their own. Desperate to re-connect with the world, people gathered in these areas, such as the New Jersey relief station provided by the Salvation army, hoping to put a little life in their dead phones. Without electricity people were left unable to function. 

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 (Image Credit of the Guardian) 

An important lesson to take from Hurricane Sandy is that we have become overall dependent on technology. Though generators may provide us with emergency electricity, what happens if they don't work? What happens when no power sources are available for large areas? We may have reached the Information age, but the age is pretty useless if we don't have electricity. As far as we have come, nature has still found a way to cause us trouble. Will we ever find a way around this need for power or will our dependency on technology cause us to always remain at the mercy of whatever Mother Nature has to throw at us? 



"Such undeniable dependency on technology made the impact of Hurricane Sandy all the more disastrous."

This doesn't make sense to me. I feel like technology would help in a situation like this. It's thanks to technology that people were able to find out that Sandy was coming and what places it was going to effect the most (like New York and New Jersey). Technology is the reason that everyone who wasn't effect could see what was going on and try to help. Technology gave us all updates on what was happening. For example, my family lives in NJ and I was only able to see how they were doing and communicate with them through technology. If it weren't for that, I'd be worried sick! Also, since people knew Sandy was coming, they were able to prepare as best they could. My parents were able to get a generator which was huge and helped so much. Technology also spread the word to people to evacuate. I personally think technology made the impact of Sandy better rather than worse!

Sorry for the confusion, I wasn't trying to say technology was a bad thing, I was saying that dependency is a bad thing. Yes, technologies such as generators and cell phones were a great help during the storm and probably saved countless lives. The point I was trying to make was that it is dangerous to solely rely on technology. When technology fails, people have no other way to turn. For example if for some terrible reason, your parents were unable to access cell phones during the storm, there is no way to contact you because we basically rely on technology for communication. Trust me, I also believe technology is great and useful, but I just think there has to be an alternative. As made apparent by Hurricane Sandy, technologies such as electricity are not invincible. In some cases even back-up generators failed. 215 patents had to be evacuated from New York University Langone Medical Center because their generators failed and no other methods were in place to give treatment without power. While technology is useful, I still believe it is dangerous to be dependent on it.
For an article on the Langone Medical Center visit:

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