You Really Should Eat Breakfast

Hasn't every adult told you since you were very young that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Well no one really listens, but here is some proof. According to this article on BBC, skipping breakfast makes fatty and sweeter foods more appealing later in the day. I have always eaten breakfast because I am simply always hungry. When I wake up in the morning one of the first things I think of is what I'll have for breakfast. I never understood my friends who never ate breakfast and were not hungry until lunch. It didn't make sense to me. I was always hungry.
Well here they did a study where scientists recorded brains scans of 21 people and saw that if the subject didn't eat breakfast, they were more attracted to food later in the day and ate a lot more at lunch. Scientists said that if they missed breakfast, higher calorie foods were more appealing thus making weight loss tough.
But one thing confused the scientists: what made the brain alter what TYPE of foods people were attracted to since they wanted higher caloric foods than they would if they ate breakfast. So they continued the study in a different way. They took the same 21 people who were all of normal weight. One morning they gave them a big 730 calorie breakfast an hour and a half before their brain scans. Another morning they weren't allowed to eat breakfast at all. The researchers said that skipping breakfast created a "bias" in the brain that would be partial to high calorie foods. When breakfast was skipped, the brain changed how it responded to high calorie foods, but not low calorie foods. The orbitofrontal cortex, which is the part of the brain associated with "food appeal", became more active when the subjects didn't eat breakfast. 
So if you are trying to lose weight, I would say to eat breakfast. If you don't your appeal for sweeter and more fatty foods might go up later in the day and you will eat more than you would have if you ate breakfast.


This is a very helpful topic to learn about! For a college girl, I find it very important to eat breakfast so I try not to gain the freshman 15. In the article provided below by Eating Well, it says that breakfast eaters are the most likely to lose weight and better at keeping the weight off. This article also provides some good ideas for breakfast foods such as raspberries, oatmeal, yogurt, peanut butter. and eggs. These are all foods that will help anyone achieve their weight loss goal and stay happy and healthy.

I agree with the point you made about the importance to eat breakfast. Aside from the diet part, I feel that it gives you energy just to start the day off. Now the diet aspect is very interesting, but what I think is important is to also know what kind of breakfast to eat. Will that same system work if you have a bowl of Cocoa Puffs every morning? Or does it have to be a healthy diet? Very interesting topic, which maybe can contribute to the high obesity situation in America. I know alot of people always skip breakfast because they always say they are too busy. Maybe there is a connection..

Awesome research on the actual science behind what creates the craving for high calorie foods as a result of skipping breakfast!

Breakfast is also important for healthy metabolism maintenence! This article explains that when breakfast is skipped, our body is more likely to hold on to those nutrients/calories we consumed during lunch because our body is not accostumed to burning off food right away. Eating breakfast essentially "kick starts" our metabolism by preparing it for the day. Feeding our body at regular time intervals trains our metabolism to burn off nutrients directly after we eat, while starving our bodies trains it to hold on to nutrients longer - and this is a potential cause of weight gain.

You also spoke about the body's need for fuel in the morning to promote efficiency throughout our day. The science behind this need for fuel has to do with our glucose (blood sugar) levels. Because we are not eating for a large block of time when we sleep, our glucose levels drop, so stored glucose in our muscle tissue and liver (termed glycogen) is released to accomodate for this. When all of the energy from this glycogen is used, fatty acid is then broken down for energy. However, fatty acids need carbohydrates to fully oxidize them to provide our bodies with the full amount of energy. When we skip breakfast, we are depriving these fatty acids of full oxidation, and therefore depriving our bodies of full energy and alertness for the start of our day.

The website above also suggests that a healthy breakfast should consist of complex carbohydrates (to oxidize those fatty acids), protein (to keep your stomach fuller for a longer period of time), and fiber (to keep digestive health up-to-par).

When I first saw the title for this, I figured it would be about how important breakfast is for academic performance. I was surprised to see that it was actually about how eating breakfast effects dieting. Personally, I have always been a fervent non-breakfast eater. When I wake up in the morning, I am simply not hungry and not in the mood to eat food. While my mom has always yelled at me for this, she has always cited academics as the reason for it. She has never tried the dietary approach. It's an interesting approach to why people should eat breakfast. So what I'm wondering, is whether it's more important to eat breakfast or only eat when hungry? Personally, I've always heard that a good way to lose weight or stay at a healthy weight is to only eat when hungry and eat only until full. So if I wake up in the morning and I'm not hungry, is it better to eat breakfast when not hungry, or to eat it to stay away from calories and sweats-craving later in the day?

And just for fun, here's an article on academic reasons for why we should eat breakfast.

Going off of what Matthew said, I have to wonder how *what* you eat for breakfast impacts your diet. Sometimes healthy breakfast foods aren't available, and your only option is to either eat a high calorie/fat doughnut or nothing at all. I've always wondered about what would be best in that situation, and a lot of the time I just opt for eating nothing.
I found an article on* that supports the idea that even an unhealthy breakfast is better than eating nothing. Eating breakfast "keeps your blood sugar and metabolism steady." Forgoing breakfast also tends to decrease your physical activity. Bottom line: you should eat breakfast. Who knows - that doughnut might even have some nutritional value that you wouldn't have gotten had you skipped it.


It is always a struggle for me to eat breakfast because I never have any time in the mornings. I found, however, that when I do eat breakfast (especially high protein ones like eggs) that my hunger is satisfied and I don't crave snacks all day like I would if I don't have breakfast. If I were to suggest a weight loss method, I would definitely say eating a nice big breakfast is a must. Without it, You'll be craving sweets and carbs all day to try to make up the loss of no breakfast.

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I knew that it was the most important but I thought for another reason. I thought that it was the most important because it gives you energy for the rest of the day. It is cool though to know that it balances your appetite as well.

Even though this effect of breakfast isn’t something that I have thought of before it makes sense because if one wakes up and skips breakfast they are going to become hungrier as time goes by. As they become hungrier they will seek food that is more likely to fill them up. This post makes sense because such foods are usually loaded with calories. If one wakes up and has breakfast they will most likely not get extremely hungry throughout the day and will be able to last until each next meal. Therefore breakfast initiates a balanced appetite.

I also find it interesting how the orbitofrontal cortex becomes more active for individuals who skip breakfast because our brain is the first part of our body to know that we are hungry, not our stomach (even though it makes noises). Therefore I guess this brain activity is the technical way to describe when we are hungry.

As I stated earlier though another benefit to breakfast is that it gives you energy. Food in general does this and I’ve found out the hard way. There have been times where I’ve tried to lose weight and not eat too much, and this usually resulted in me feeling weak. Therefore I guess the key to my experience and your post is to make sure you get your three meals a day and eat enough. As you said if you are trying to lose weight, eat breakfast because you are less likely to want to fill yourself up with foods that have way too many calories; which will lead to what nobody wants: excessive weight. You are also less likely to find yourself weak due to you not eating enough.

I know how we have discussed in class how correlation doesn’t equal causation but I think this experiment was done well enough to prove to us that skipping breakfast causes increased hunger. This being because brain activity was measured so we know what the exact effect is that skipping breakfast has on us.

I never eat breakfast because I am not hungry in the morning and usually I simply do not have the time. I always eat a big lunch to compensate for this. I never really worry about dieting and I pick my meals on what i am feeling. I also thought that this blog was going to be about how skipping breakfast impacts your academics. Older people would always use that but it had no impact on my grades so I would always just shrug it off. If I were to eat breakfast, it would probably be very unhealthy so maybe me skipping breakfast is overall better for my body.

On the other hand, pretty much all of the articles online state you should not skip breakfast so something light and simple might be my best option like grabbing a granola bar on the way to class.

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