Yellow it healthy to whiten?

   Everybody wants to have "pearly whites" and a lot of people will do whatever it takes to get them shining bright and white. The real question now though, is, how safe is it to whiten your teeth? I looked into this and found some interesting things about this topic.

   What exactly is a tooth?
Teeth are used to bite and chew food (first step in digestion of food). The outer layer of a tooth is made of enamel, followed by the dentin, pulp, cementum, and eventually nerves the root ending. Adults have 32 calcified teeth that are hard and very strong.

    Why do teeth  yellow?  
Some people are just born with slightly yellow teeth, but if this is not the case there are other reasons for yellowing as well. Overtime teeth yellow because of staining from food, drinks, and other substances introduced to the mouth. It is completely  normal for teeth to become slightly yellow over time.

    Is it safe to whiten teeth?
Many dentists say that teeth whitening is safe if it is done correctly. Because of the different chemicals in "at-home" whiteners there are some risks to using them too often. If you use whitening strips more than the appropriate time then teeth can become very sensitive. Sensitivity is the number one side effect of whitening teeth.

When you have stains on your teeth it is because stain has formed in because the tubes (enamel rods) in your tooth begin to get plugged up with organic matter. It is absolutely impossible to brush away any of the stain that has now formed on your teeth.

So essentially, whitening your teeth is not going to harm you in any way. The worse thing that could happen is some sensitivity after using the whitening strips. But remember, it is normal for your teeth to start yellowing over time. This  makes me think, could we do something to keep our teeth from not yellowing? Whether it be what we eat and drink or even something else?


If you don't want to use the whitening strips to whiten your teeth, another method that I read about is brushing with baking soda helps to make them more white. By mixing water and baking soda, it penetrates the tooth's enamel to remove the stains. And not only does this make your teeth more white, it actually cleans them as well.

On I learned that when the enamel on our teeth thins the color of dentin, which is the bony tissue beneath the enamel, may show through making it more yellow tinted. One factor in causing yellow teeth is said to be dark colored foods, such as tomatoe sauce and, surprisingly, berries. Another factor of yellow tinted teeth is tobacco. Something that stuck out in the livestrong article was that by eating leafy green vegetables and dairy products, together, they create a coating on your teeth to protect the enamel which is then also protecting your teeth from yellowing.

Wow, I whiten my teeth all the time and have always been worried at the back of my mind that my teeth were going to thin out or something. Good to know it isn't detrimental to my teeth health. I looked up some tips for having naturally whiter teeth and found a bunch: something as simple as eating an apple will help apparently! The crunchy fruits and veggies have an abrasive nature to them that basically scrub away the yellow on your teeth over time. Flossing is also really important because it gets the plaque from in between your teeth, which causes a lot of staining. It will also help prevent gingivitis (puffy, red gums) which are also an eyesore. foods with calcium (milk, cheese, yogurt) or phosphorous helps remineralize your teeth and get them to their optimal sparkle and shine! Strawberries have been thought to have teeth whitening properties, but be careful not to eat too much as the sugar will rot your teeth. Baking soda is actually not a good idea in the long run because it can be TOO abrasive and end up damaging your enamel, increasing sensitivity and yellowing. Other than that, brush your teeth twice a day with a paste that has the ADA seal of approval (american dental association) because they test abrasion levels and won't approve a paste that will be too abrasive on your teeth.

I looked up how to prevent yellowing of teeth in the first place. Proper dental hygiene is probably the most important factor in keeping teeth white by brushing two or three times a day. The longer that the food or beverage remains in contact with your teeth, the better chance of them to turn yellow. Another trick I read about is to drink beverages besides water out of a straw. Drinks like pop or coffee have a higher risk at staining your teeth and therefore, if you can avoid it by drinking out of a straw, do it. You don't even have to go to the dentist to get your teeth whitened, these tricks for at home whitening.

For some reason my teeth are really white without me trying.After I read the tips above it turns out I unconsciously do a lot of those things already. I drink out of a straw every time I can but I mostly do it because I'm paranoid of germs on my cups. One of my friends is thinking of whitening her teeth and I'm glad to know that there isn't a risk associated with it.

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