Why Not Get Vaccinated?


With flu season just right around the corner, many people have or are going to be vaccinated. It seems like the logical thing to do. Why wouldn't you want protection from an illness that can strike anywhere from 5 to 20 %of the population? Just last flu season, "The flu killed 115 children and teenagers." (Anghel) Among these, 43% were healthy people, not considered as a major risk. This includes Austin Booth, the 17 year old basketball player from Colorado. Like many people, Austin had not been vaccinated and he caught the flu. However, he felt healthy enough to continue to play in games. One day, Austin began to cough up blood. Doctors did the best they could, but after antibiotics and an induced coma, Austin's organs began to shut down and he died because of something as common as the flu.

After reading this, I could't understand why people who are able to do not get vaccinated, Since I can remember, I have gotten the flu vaccine every year. I used to hate it, but as I got older, I realized my parents are just trying to protect me. I recieved the vaccine just a couple of weeks ago and I plan on continuing to recieve it every year. Like we learned in class, the odds of a person recieving negative effects from a vaccine are a lot less likely then a person, not vaccinated, getting sick from whatever the vaccination is protecting against. Sure, there are some cases, but the odds are very low. In my opinion, I would reccomend that anyone who is able to get vaccinated to go and do it. There is even a flu clinic here at Penn State, or you can go to the Student Health Center to recieve your vaccination at a low cost that can be billed to your account. Isn't a little shot worth reducing your chance of coming down with the flu this year? I think so.



I am on the exact opposite side of the equation from you. I absolutely will not get a flu shot, and the reason why may surprise you. I am not at all scared of the side effects or possible complications it could bring. Like Professor Read said in class, the vaccine is very well tested and is very relatively safe. I will not get the shot because I have never had the flu. I have never gotten the shot and never gotten the flu. So for me it just seems like a waste of time and money. No one in my family gets the flu shot and none of us, since I have been alive, have ever gotten the flu. I know this is ancedotale evidence at best, I know that there is a chance that I could get the flu. Until I have a run in with the flu, I will not spend money to get a preventitive shot.

Just like william, I spent most of my life not getting a flu shot. I have always been scared of needles, but I also never got the flu (knock on wood). Last year was the first year I ever received a flu shot, and I finally gave in and got one because I am involved with THON, and if you are sick THON weekend, you cannot attend (which would be pretty upsetting.)

Some people claim that getting flu shots make them sick, is there any truth to this? Is this a very small percentage of people who get flu shots?

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