Why Do Men Grow Bald And Women Don't?

Ever wonder why as men get older, they begin to go bald but women don't? Research shows that by age 50, HALF of all men will have lost all of their hair.  Why do men get the short end of the stick on this?  I was wondering this myself and decided to do some research and blog about it.


Well according to this article, they say it is because of hormones. basically what happens is that enzymes in the male body convert testosterone into something dihydrotestosterone.  This is a hormone that is responsible for making hair shorter and thinner.  Now it's not that these enzymes suddenly hit you at a certain age and you lose your hair.  It is a long process and the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone takes such a long time that it doesn't hit you until you are older.  Unfortunately for some people they will get hit with baldness at an earlier age, and that's because these enzymes are heriditary, so those who get stuck with the bad genes get stuck with more of the enzymes.  Another factor is the amount of receptors on a man's head.  The more receptors, the greater the hair loss.

But why doesn't this happen to women?  Well it's quite simple actually.  Because testosterone has the biggest impact on hair loss, the effects aren't as dramatic in women simply because their bodies don't have as much testosterone. 


I've always been curious about this. The findings make perfect sense. However, after doing some research on my own, I learned that women make up 40% of hair loss cases in America (or at least according to the American Hair Loss Association's article: http://www.americanhairloss.org/women_hair_loss/introduction.asp) Why do you think this is? Could it be something else that triggers female balding as apposed to male balding?

Women still lose hair as they age. It takes much longer than males because of what you stated. However, women do contain smaller amounts of testosterone. It's what creates muscle growth in all people and helps develop your libido as well.

My only other question is how does hair even come about? How is it formed, and why does dihydrotestosterone get rid of it? Does that make hair virtually useless for humans. And also, if it makes hair shorter and thinner, how come it only affects the top of your head? Why not your legs, or any other crude place you grow hair?

I think there's only a piece of the puzzle here, and its up to science to find the missing pieces.

This made me wonder why hair grows so much faster on people's heads than other places like arms and legs. I found that the differences in hair growth are because of the hair growth cycle, and that not all hair follicles go through the hair growth cycle at the same rate. So, hair follicles on the legs and arms don't go through the cycle as quickly as follicles on the head. Makes sense! Eugene... Maybe this growth cycle has to do with why the shortening/thinning of men's hair only affects the top of your head. I couldn't find anything online about this though!


I know there are some diseases that cause hormone levels to be unnatural. For example, there is a disease called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or PCOS, that causes elevated levels of testosterone in women. Left untreated, could this result in more hair loss in these women? Judging by what you've found, it definitely seems like it could. Is there a similar disease in men, one that alters hormone levels, that might make men less susceptible to hair loss?

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