Trypophobia, Gooseflesh about small holes

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(If u are also suffered from this phobia, u may alive to how hard and uncomfortable I suffered when I was writing this blog)

 I found that I always feel uncomfortable when I see something with small holes closely together, such as the lotus seed heads, or the picture of small pox which is showed in our class. I try not to see those things to avoid the feeling of fear and terrified, disgusted. Even when I see the abundant of ants gathered around a cake.....Oh, I even don't want to imagine the scene. Many people think they are the only one in the world who are unnerved by holes. Not all holes mind you, just tiny holes in asymmetrical clusters, often times with things in them. Most people when faced with this fear start to feel really uncomfortable and a creepy, itchy feeling crawls over their body.


Then I realized it is a phobia, which is called trypophobia. When I search it on the internet, I found its definition as following,  trypophobia  is a phobia, or an irrational fear, of clustered geometric shapes, especially small holes.( From wikipedia)Thousands of people suffered from this kind of feeling, severely. Trypophobia is considered a specific phobia since a single trigger is what causes anxiety in an individual.

Although I suffer with this, I have no explanation for why some images make me feel that way. Somewhere on the net, it has been suggested that trypophobics suffer with a type of visual discomfort where certain images cause a physical reaction such as dizziness or sickness but nothing has been confirmed.

 No formal studies seem to have been conducted on what exactly causes this phobia of holes, or what other disorders may be related to it. However,the cause of this trypophobia, is always related to the cause of acrophobia, and some other physiological fear. Some sufferers have speculated, via analysis of their own feelings, that it is all to do with our fear of diseases. I found a journal in Today's Hot News, said that  phobias arise due to a combination of genetic disposition and external events. Many phobias develop due to trauma as a child, like being bitten by a dog and then fearing all dogs throughout life. Others are learned. If you grow up watching your mother freak out about spiders, you will probably feel the same way about them later.


To determine if you are a trypophobia or not, focus on the picture above. If you feel uncomfortable and fear and want to skip this picture....You may suffered from this phobia.

 Let us focus on how can we the cure of such kind of feeling. The exposure method is famous in curing trypophobia, which is introduced in the ABOUT PSYCHOLOGY WEBSITE . It means that we should force ourselves to see these pictures every day. It is said that If an individual were exposed to such harmless stimulus over and over again it has been proven that their trypophobia would diminish over time. Even this is the method that claimed to be the most effective, I cannot bear....  The other method is that as panic and fear begin to take hold because of a phobia, try thinking of something other than your fear. Count backwards from 100 by twos or talk to yourself about something totally not related, like your plans for the weekend. This can temporarily get your mind off the fear.

 Take a deep breath. Meditation and deep breathing are just a couple ways you can clear your head of anxiety and unwanted thoughts.

 Though I do many researches on the curing of this phobia, there seems to be only one cure for me and that is to not look at the offending items. No matter how curious you are, DO NOT DO A GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH because you will likely be disturbed for life.

1 Comment

I love that you blogged about this, I never in my life would have known this was actually a phobia if I had not read this. I remember being very young and at some point broke a standard Bouncy Ball in half and when I looked at the inside of it I had to fight the urge to vomit. Or at one point I saw a very disgusting group of tics on the inside of a dogs ear and had the same reaction. I tried to explain the way this made me feel to other people but they all just thought I was being dramatic. Eventually I somehow became less averse to such sites, but I did in fact do a Google Image Search (because I mean, really, you said not to!) and holy crap … I think I spun myself back into the fear! Even so, it was worth it. Thank you for sharing!

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