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Soda is the largest source of calories  in America. I found that hard to believe at first, but now I can see why. "The average American drinks about two cans of the stuff everyday." (Oaklander) This seems crazy, but many Americans choose soda over anything else. The problem now is that people are turning to diet soda because of the so-called health benefits. Dieters believe that the diet option is much better for them because there are no calories to them. However, this is just the opposite. Diet soda does not do anything for a diet in fact your better off cutting out the stuff completely. Diet soda, just like regular soda, has many negative health risks. Kidney and metabolism problems, rotting teeth and cell damage are just a few of the risks doctors are noticing. Plus, just like non-diet soda, drinking two or more cans a day will increase your weight. Soda is full of artificial sweetners that have very negative affects on your body especially when trying to diet.

In the long run drinking soda whether diet or not is bad for you. Like everything that is bad for you, moderation is key. So stick to one soda every couple of weeks and drink water and other healthier alternatives instead. Why add empty calories? Think of having a soda every month or so as a treat. You will be helping you body. 



I think it is very interesting that diet soda is just as bad for you as regular soda. Why do the ingredients in diet soda make you gain weight if they don't have any colories?Does this mean that all diet products are bad for you? I, too, started to do some research on the topic. I also found studies claiming that diet soda drinkers gained as much if not more weight than non diet soda drinkers. Men's Health claims that it's the artificial sweetness in the drink that tricks the brain into thinking it's getting something sweet. Therefore, when nothing sweet is actually being consumed, you crave things that will satisfy your need. Additionally, the artificial sweetener might dull your taste buds causing you to consume high calorie things to get the taste you are looking for. Therefore, do all artificially sweetened foods give you the same effect as weight gain? Salad dressings? Butters? Creamers? This could put a huge damper in the food shopping industry if all of those products help you gain weight instead of help you lose it.

... and here's the link for the above research

The idea of a third variable causing diet soda to be just as bad a regular is very possible. As said in the above comment artificial sweeteners can trick your mind into thinking things are sweet adjusting your body to crave sweets which tend to be unhealthy. I knew a regular soda drinker who switched from regular coke to diet and lost over 20 pounds in a year. If diet and regular are equally bad wouldn't she have stayed the same weight assuming soda was the only change she made? The idea that diet soda makes you crave other sweets would be an interesting hypotheses to test.

There are a couple theories that I've heard over the years about why diet soda drinkers gain more weight. For one, drinking diet soda is not as satisfying as drinking regular soda. Therefore, regular diet soda drinkers have to satisfy their sugar craving elsewhere. Along with this theory is the one that suggests that people who drink diet soda are likely to think that they can eat more food because they are not gaining wait from their beverages. As I mentioned, these are all just things I have heard. After looking at the results of two studies featured in a CBS news article, I found a consensus that is consistent with both of these theories: "'Artificial sweeteners could have the effect of triggering appetite but unlike regular sugars they don't deliver something that will squelch the appetite.'" (

Anna, you mentioned exactly the same thing I was thinking/have heard! Over the summer I lived off Diet Coke and my sister was always telling me that it wasn't doing anything for me. If I used it to fill my craving for something sweet- I was always looking for something extra later on. While you all have posted studies that prove Erin's point- I thought it would be cool to include this post from Clutch Magazine that gives some great pointers to any soda addict trying to quit! I looked at all of the tips and have to say- they make some really great points! One of my favorite was to replace the fizz. I feel like thats what keeps soda drinkers coming back for more. The fizz in a soda is what makes it feel refreshing! To anyone addicted to soda, maybe next time try drinking fizzy water!

Knowing the dangers of diet soda I can not believe I used to live off of the stuff. I was a can a day diet coke consumer for years. However, the Mayo Clinic says drinking a reasonable amount of soda (which they consider 1-2 cans) is not likely to hurt you. I found this surprising considering all the negative press surrounding diet soda. They say the artificial sweeteners and chemicals used in diet soda are safe for consumption for most people and there is no credible evidence that these ingredients cause cancer like a lot of diet soda protesters suggest. They also note that studies suggest that drinking more than one soda a day incases your risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes.
I think diet soda will turn out to be like smoking, something that has dangers we will not know until years down the road. Personally, I do not need any definite evidence. I kicked my diet soda habit and will not be turning back

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