The Sun And Sneezing


So I was outside the other day playing football with some friends when one of them looked up and kept on sneezing.  He said that every time he looked at the sun it would make him sneeze, and until then I had never noticed it but the same thing would happen to me too.  So I figured this might make for a good blog topic as to why the sun makes people sneeze.

According to this article, this is a question that has tried to been answer by the very likes of people such as Aristotle and Sir Francis Bacon.  Initially, Aristotle believed it was the heat of the sun on the nose was responsible for this, until Bacon refuted that and believed that the sun's light made our eyes water, and that moisture would then seep into and irritate our nose.  Today however, most experts agree that the sneezing is due to crossed wires in the brain.

After reading this article I wanted to do a little more research and find just how many people this affects and why it affects them as opposed to someone else whom it doesn't affect at all.  According to NBC News, the "photic sneeze reflex" (sneezing at the sun), is hereditary and that roughly 1 out of every 4 people get it, with about a 50/50 chance of passing this trait onto their child.  So next time you look up at the sun and sneeze uncontrollably, don't blame the sun blame your parents!




On the contrary I have heard the saying of look at the light when you are getting ready to sneeze and it'll stop it. I know of plenty of people who do that and it works time and time again. I find it quite odd that the sun would cause sneezing and artificial light would prevent the sneezing. However oddly enough I cannot find any information on that. But I did find some interesting facts about sneezing. Sneezing covers a five foot radius and travels at 100 mph. The popular question of why people say bless you when a sneeze occurs was also found. It is said that sneezing was the banishment of omens in the body, thought to save people from the boubonic plague and the thought that when you sneeze you release your spirit and have to be blessed in order to keep it. All however are simply myths. . Sneezing is a reflexive reaction when the body is trying to get rid of viruses or anyhing that sets off the sneeze cycle is also noted to be dormant while you sleep which is the reason why you never hear anyone sneeze in their sleep (if they do they're faking) A sneeze may be annoying but is quite good for us the only ones that really suffer from it are those around us who are now possible candidates to the viruses dispelled. Which can be the primary reason that sneezes are said to be contagious. Apparently there was a study done for sneezes and personality traits check it out and see if it fits your sneezing.

I have heard this before, but personally I do not sneeze when looking at the sun maybe I'm just not the 25% that does. I believe their might be simpler explanations for sneezing at the sun. It could always be possible that when one looks at the sun and they tilt their head up that they are getting wind and dust in their nose and sneeze because of that. I believe that there has to be a simpler reason for why some people sneeze at the sun. When it comes to having your eyes water I can relate. For example when it is cold out side or when I drink carbonated drinks my eyes water. I believe that this happens because it is cold and dry out outside and for the soda the carbon dioxide. I have no idea why it occurs, but I do find it interesting that it does happen. Just last Monday my eyes were watering because of the dry cold air hitting me. I believe that this also happens when people go to the snow because the snow is reflective, cold and dry. If the sneezing and the eye watering is genetic maybe their is something that people can take so that it stops for the future. We have so much technology now that I am sure someone can figure out what goes on with our reactions to the sun sometime soon.

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