The Importance of Breastfeeding

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   It is very common for a woman to breastfeed their newborn child, but it is also common for women to choose formula instead. Studies have shown that breastfeeding your newborn child has many benefits for not only the baby but it is also beneficial to the mother as well. Not only is breast feeding beneficial to the health of the mother and child it is also economically beneficial as well. A single tub of baby formula ranges from $29 to $100 depending on the brand and the different nutrients that specific brand offers in their formulas. Getting back to the health benefits of breastfeeding there are many...
  Studies around the world have shown that stomach viruses, lower respiratory illnesses, ear infections, and meningitis have occurred less often in babies that were breast fed then those that were fed formula. A very large study done by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences showed that babies that are breast fed have a 20 percent lower risk of dying between ages of 28 days to one year. This studied also showed that the longer the child is breastfed the lower risk they have of dying within their first year of life. A substance in breast milk called secretory immunoglobulin A, which is a substance that guards the child against invading germs. What this substance does is essentially builds a layer of mucus membranes in the babies intestines, nose, and throat.
  An interesting fact about breast milk is that all breast milk is different; the mother's breast milk is specifically tailored to her baby. Whatever the mother is exposed to the body responds to this by putting different pathogens into the breast milk so that the baby is protected against whatever the mother may be exposed to.
  Allergic reactions are a lot more common in babies that are fed formula then those that are just breastfed. Without the protection of the different substances in breast milk the baby can more easily become allergic to "outside" substances other than just breast milk. There are many other benefits to breast milk some of these include protection against obesity, a boost of the babies intelligence, and even protection from SIDS.
   SIDS also known as sudden infant death syndrome has been linked to children that were not exclusively or even partially breastfed. A study done by a German science institute concluded that very extensive breastfeeding at one month old cuts the risk of a baby getting SIDS almost more than half.
   It is now very obvious to me that breastfeeding is definitely the route that mothers should take unless given specific instructions from doctors. It is interesting to see just how many benefits come with breastfeeding. Do you think that there is something that could essentially hurt the child if breastfed?

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Not only is breastfeeding better for the baby's health, but it is also greatly helps the bond between mother and child. A study found that when mothers breastfeed, their brains release a chemical called oxytocin, also known as the 'love hormone.' This hormone allows the mother to feel increased feelings of love, trust, and affection.
It is released into the blood during labour, which triggers the production of breast milk, and floods the brain during breastfeeding.

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