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I'm sure most people can relate to the concept of emotional eating. Nothing can cheer someone up quite like chocolate on a bad day. Since many people participate in this not so healthy habit, some people think they may have found a cure. Are Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) really the end to emotional eating? 

So what is EFT? EFT is a psychological acupressure technique which can be used to deal with
 emotional issues. Emotional health and physical health can have a direct link which is why this technique has been a used for weightless. 

The "tapping points" shown in the picture are places on the body that are tapped during EFT. While tapping these places on the body people are instructed to repeat affirmation phrases acknowledging their negative emotions and reaffirming that they are more than their current state of mind. 

EFT Practitioner of Dr. Mercola's Center for Natural Health Julie Schiffman this video shows how to tap away cravings. In the video she taps points on body and repeats affirmation phrases.  She claims that this method can help people to free them selves of cravings and end the cycle of emotional eating. 

I for one am very skeptical of this technique but there are many success stories claiming people "tapped" themselves skinny. Janet from Chicago said she her BMI classified her as obese but now that she has started tapping she has lost 52 pounds and plans to continue losing weight. She says, "EFT is the only way to go". After using the method, she is a healthier and happier person.

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This weight lose technique seems entirely too easy. Much like many other teenage girls I feel like I have tried everything but something in my brain always leads me to wanting cookie dough, chocolate, or ice cream. This is so interesting though so maybe I will try it. I also am very skeptical of this but after reading a few articles, it seems to work. Who would have thought that taping certain parts of your body could help you be happy and healthy?

This was such an interesting article! I couldn't believe that "tapping" could be considered a weightloss technique. After reading your blog I was skeptical (I must admit) but after doing some research on my own it seems really plausible. I wonder how many Americans know/use this technique. Do you think if it becomes a more widely known concept that it will become a front running fighter against obesity in our country?

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