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Freshmen year of college we all learned and experienced a lot of new things. My one friend really got into a synthetic cannabis product called 'Spice', also known as K2. In easy terms, K2 is a way to get high without it staying into your blood stream or urine, so people who get drug tests, are on probation, or in jail tend to use this form of synthetic cannabis.

What is Spice/K2?:

K2 is a psychoactive designer drug made up of natural herbs sprayed with synthetic chemicals that, when consumed, mimic the effects of cannabis.

Ingredients in K2:

Herbs that are listed on the packaging of Spice include; Canavalia martima, Nymphaea caerulea, Scutellaria nana, Pedicularis dnsflora, Leonotis leonurus, Zomis latifolia, Nelumbo nucifera, and Leonurus sibiricus.

Short Term Effects:

-Loss of control
-Lack of pain response
-Increases agitation
-Pale skin
-Profuse sweating
-Uncontrolled body movements
-Elevated blood pressure

*In addition to the physical signs of use, users may experience: dysphoria, server paranoia, delusions, hallucinations and increased agitation.*

Synthetic cannabis first went on sale in the early 2000's it was legal for purchase as an in scent to burn. Once people started to realize the high you can reach from it it became very popular in 2008 and was one of the more commonly used drugs. The packing for spice specifically started to put "Not For Human Consumption" on there packed of spice. 

Many symptoms of consuming spice lead to people have seizures. seizures is probably the most serious side effect spice has on people, (besides death). Once the world began to see what type of a catastrophe the synthetic cannabis was, they started to have to limit sales and production, and then just stop selling it in general and make it illegal, for EVERYONE'S sake. 

Spice is no joke, it is probably up there with Bath Salts, STAY AWAY and DO NOT CONSUME! its not worth all the chemicals and toxins entering your body for a short lasting high.

For more information, check out this  Live Science website article!

1 Comment

Hi Kasey,

How do you think the new-ness of Spice affects the conclusions we can draw about its dangers? Have you looked over any of the scientific studies behind it, or are these warnings all based on speculations by doctors?

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