Sleep is for the Weak

College becomes very stressful at times. Juggling getting involved in different clubs, organizations, sororities, fraternities, sports teams, going to class, and doing all of the work that goes along with those classes; all becomes very time consuming. You also have to remember to eat healthy meals and exercise during your days! So the question is, how do you manage to fit all of this into your schedule?


Many college students have mastered the "all nighter" throughout their time here. Sometimes you stay up all night in the HUB, library, or study rooms; studying, writing papers, doing homework or lab reports. What we don't notice is that although we are being scholarly students, we are being deprived of sleep. Although your work is getting done, your body is getting used to these strange study habits that could result in a decrease in your academic performance.

Not only could staying up all night effect your grades in the future, it can also mess with your body itself. Many students who stay up all night drink energy drinks, which are highly caffeinated and known to raise heart rates, and to take medications that are not always prescribed to them such as Adderall and Ritalin, which are for people with ADD and ADHD. People who are not on these medications regularly, take them because they are supposed to help patients pay attention and stay alert. But is it safe for those who do not medically need these pills to be taking them whenever they need to study or write a paper? The thing is, if you don't need it, it may keep you awake but it may not keep you focused.

Adderall 10 mg.jpg

So maybe instead of pulling "all nighters" because you procrastinated, you should learn time management and put your school work first. Don't lose a full night of sleep, drink energy drinks, and take non-prescribed drugs; get your work done during the day and you will most likely find yourself to be in a better place.


Extremely relevant blog post for college kids. I know if I don't get enough sleep one night, it seems to make me more awake in a way. If I am constantly on the go and missing sleep for a couple nights, I know my body starts to shut down and usually I end up getting sick. This brings up the question, can a lack of sleep put our immune system at risk? Here's a NY times article explaining how our bodies can start to break down

the relevance of this post is very alluring to the readers. but, there are some extreme cases where you have to pull all-nighters because we are only human so we are set up for error in life whether those aspects be non-relative to academics or relative. also, those drugs are not well for students who are not use to it. you can die from taking too much of those pills because your heart rate beats constantly and if you get mentally drained from extensive reading and work, its nearly impossible to get sleep while under the influence of those drugs. but, in all cases this article offers a simple guide for students and I enjoyed reading it.

I have found that my fellow peers that take Adderall get so enthralled with one assignment that they don't get to any other assignments even though they stay up all night. Some common physical negative effects of Adderall are loss of appetite and increased irritability. These are also common factors of not sleeping enough. Maybe they aren't actual side effects of the drug, but just side effects of not sleeping? This could especially be the case for those students who take it who do not suffer from ADD or ADHD. That would be something interesting to look further into...are you feeling side effects from the Adderall or from the sleep deprivation.

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