Should you go Gluten-Free?

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Nowadays, we've seen so many food products that have labeled the term "Gluten-Free". Some of us who may not entirely know the meaning behind this term may wonder of what does it actually mean by gluten-free? To put in the simplest form: a gluten-free diet is a diet that excludes the protein gluten. They most commonly found in the grains wheat, barley, and rye. So if glutens are meant to be very common in the simplest kind of food in the grocery store, how does it affect our health? For those of us who are not having the problem with gluten-free, don't worry about it. However, to people with a chronic digestive disorder called "celiac disease", gluten tends to be the nasty evil. Gluten slowly damages the intestines of people with celiac disease by stopping the absorption of vitamins and minerals through their bodies. This can lead to a major problem later on like intestinal cancers or even infertility and osteoporosis.


Somehow, many people choose to cut off their old lifestyles and give it a try with gluten-free diet. One of the most interesting cases I found related to gluten-free is from Chelsea Clinton's wedding. Apart from those elegant wedding ceremony, what led to media coverage was her gluten-free wedding cake. Many celebrities choose to go with gluten-free lifestyle as well such as Rachel Weisz, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Victoria Beckham. They claimed to have an increase in energy, smaller thighs, and even reduced belly bloat.


So the next question I think might be very controversial is...should you go gluten-free? The answer is, if you have celiac disease or your body can't tolerate gluten, yes, you have to go gluten-free diet. However, if you choose to go with gluten-free diet because you THINK it will help you to lose weight...think about it again. According to Dee Sabdquist, a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Associate, which suggests that cutting out gluten may result in losing few pounds but it's due to the decreasing of overall caloric intake--not because of the gluten itself. There's currently no science to prove that you will lose more weight by gluten-free food products. There are many gluten-free products such as rice, corn, and buckwheat. However, some of these non-gluten whole grains contain less essential fiber than the normal gluten whole grains food. According to FoxNews that says "just because a food product is billed as "gluten-free" does not mean that it is healthier." Gluten-free products can be high in calories, fat, and carbohydrates and some of those people who go gluten-free actually gain weight too.


In my point of view, unless you develop celiac disease and intolerance to gluten, wouldn't you prefer to stick with whole foods that taste better, more convenient, and contain loads of nutrition?


1 Comment

My family has actually been eating gluten free for almost three years now and we have found so many different foods that actually taste good and are healthier for us. There have been many studies that have proven eating gluten free can reduce different health issues and can help a person lose extra weight that they have been wanting to lose. Gluten essentially makes the stomach bloat and fills the person up a lot more than non-gluten products. People that are not completely celiac can still have similar reactions to gluten. Some diseases can cause a person to react to gluten the same that those with actual celiac disease. Some of these diseases include Sarcoidosis (lung disease) and certain kidney infections/diseases. So there are definitely many benefits to eating gluten free even if you are not celiac.

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