Should We Clone Each Other?

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Cloning is not something that is new to the science community. In nature there are many things that clone like poplar trees and bacteria. But is it morally right to clone human beings? The idea is highly debated.

To begin, there is no doubt that we have the ability to clone human beings. Many things, like the carrot for example, have been successfully cloned over and over for years now. 'Dolly the sheep', the first mammal ever to be cloned, is a prime example of how cloning is very possible. There are 3 main methods of cloning:
1. Therapeutic Cloning - stem cells are retrieved from the pre-embyro so that it can generate a whole new organ or tissue, and the outcome is transplanting back into the body.
2. Embryo Cloning - cells are extracted from a fertilized embryo and then are induced to develop into duplicates which create identical twins with identical DNA
3. Reproductive - this is by far the most controversial and weirdest method. a DNA is removed from the ovum and is replaced by DNA from another person. The replacement DNA fertilizes in the womb of the carrier (the "mother") and then develops into a duplicate of the new DNA cell. Therefore creating a duplicate of a person. 

But is it ethical?

Many people argue that cloning to a certain extent is ethical because it can help create new organs/tissues for those in need of them. 

- This is definitely something that I agree with. For example, there are many people dying that are in need of new kidneys and if this cloning process can create new and functioning kidneys, then I think it is worth cloning them to save lives (it also keeps them off the black market). 

But then there is the religious aspect of it: If God put us on earth, is it right that we artificially another one of us on earth?

- This is something that I have conflicting thoughts with. As a Christian I'm not certain if it goes against Christian teachings to clone a person. It could very well conflict with the principles of this religion (and many more)

Should we create stem cells by killing a human embryo? And at what point of development does an embryo have the same rights as a person?

- This is something I'm not so sure about. It is considered murder if we intentionally kill a thriving human embryo? Some people say yes (typically those pro-life) and the other half will say no. I would say that if the cause of killing the human embryo is justified with a good enough reason, then it could potentially have its benefits. But I'm not entirely certain.

And the most interesting question to me is if we clone a human, is it possible that the clone will end up with some strange unthinkable defect?

- Zombies?

This is definitely a hot debate. In my personal opinion I feel that because we have the ability to do something so advanced and possibly life-changing, it is going to be inevitable that cloning (to some extent) will be taking place in the following years. There is no way to progress in the area of cloning if we do not experiment with it. The underlying question is do we leave it alone and forget about it and be safe then sorry? Or take a risk and experiment with it?

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I did a research paper in high school that was against animal cloning. In that research paper, however, I had to state the pros and cons of the animal cloning. Pros would be gaining more education on cloning and possibly cloning humans someday. Cons, however, definitely has to be the fact that it is unethical. I am not the most religious person but when you stated if it is against what God wanted, I believe it is. Who deserves to be cloned? Who deserves to have two of one person on the earth? The real answer is no one. Plus, there is too much risk in this process. I believe that humans can only be made through child birth, therefore, for someone to be cloned it just would not seem right. That is just my beliefs but I am sure most people would agree with me.

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