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Joseph Redden, of the Univeristy of Minnesota and Kelly Haws, of Texas A&M University say that dieters cannot rely entirely on strong willpower to control their eating. Despite the common belief that self-control is a battle between willpower and desire, these two professors are reluctant to accept this.

In a series of studies, researchers found that people who control their diets with success eat fewer unhealthy foods because they are satisfied sooner. These studies also found that people with less self-control established greater control when they paid attention to the quantity of unhealthy foods that they consumed. Simply paying attention to the amount of unhealthy food that these people were eating made them feel satisfied more quickly. 

In a study done, consumers who had poor self-control were asked to count the amount of times that they swallowed while eating an unhealthy snack. These people experienced better self-control because counting the times they swallowed made them satisfied quicker than if they did not count the amount of times that they swallowed while eating. 

Redden and Haws conclude that dieters should focus on the quantity of unhealthy foods that they are eating. On the other hand however, dieters should not pay too much attention to the quantity of healthy foods that they eat. Monitoring the quantity of healthy food eaten can actually be counterproductive when trying to maintain a healthier diet. The secret to success is knowing when to monitor your eating.


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In reading the post I have noticed that not only it is important for the amount of unhealthy food eaten but also the rate it is eaten at. If you change the rate to which you eat food and make it slower it becomes more apparent how much you are eating therefore causing you to eat less. As you said the key to success is self control and self control comes in many different forms not only eating slowly or counting how many times you swallow but concentrating on what you are eating and finding balance among the foods which you put into your body.

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