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The other day I was talking to my guy friend on the way back from my gym trip.  In one hand, he had a chocolate f'real milkshake from Louie's in Redifer Commons and in the other he had frozen pizza pockets that he was going to make when he got back.  For only going to the gym twice a week for an hour and all the crappy food he eats, this kid has a pretty impressive body.  I don't understand.  I go to the gym 5-6 times a week and eat salads everyday for lunch just to maintain my body weight.  If I ever ate like my guy friend does, I would feel the need to spend the rest of the day at the gym just to make up for how badly I've eaten.  So why do guys have to put in less work to stay a healthy weight then girls do?

According to this medical blog, the simple truth is that men are larger and have more muscle than women due to the hormone testosterone.  Men are genetically designed to have a higher percentage of muscle and less fat which works in favor of keeping them fit and allowing them to eat more calories.

So what can us girls do to tryyyyyy to match some of the guys eating and exercise habits?  To build up some more muscle, pick up
gripad-training-gloves-for-men-and-women.jpgthe weights and start pumping which will increase our muscle mass and decrease our fat stores.  Another thing to do is to eat REAL food, not just those 100-calorie packs.  Cheese, nuts, vegetables, and hummus are psychologically more filling and in my opinion, more tasty.  Yeah its not fair that guys don't have to work as hard as girls do to stay healthy, but if you keep a good work ethic and eat right, staying healthy can be pretty easy.  The way our bodies are made differently is just a way of life and we have to suck it up and get used to it.  I covered some of the things I do to stay healthy, what are some other things this class does?


I'm sort of a fitness freak like you too! I'm not obsessed with my overall body image, I just like to stay healthy and it makes me feel good! What I do to stay healthy is eat five small meals a day instead of three huge ones. I don't know about you, but if I try to space out three meals in a day I'm starving by the time each meal time rolls around. My snacks consist of hummus, like you said, because it's filling and I also like to munch on veggies and fruit to get my full servings for each day. This keeps me feeling full all day and it seems to work for me, I've never really tried anything new. Do you think something else could work better?

Erin, this blog is right up my ally. I'm SUCH a health freak and really into healthy eating. Something interesting you brought up was the comparison between eating fat-free or calorie reduced foods and eating regular foods. In this article from the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, they reported that when people eat these low-fat or low-cal foods, they generally end up eating MORE of it, which in turn makes them gain weight.

The other day I purchased reduced fat peanut butter. When I got home I was looking at the nutrition facts and on the container it said "60% peanuts". I thought to myself, whats the other 40%? I looked at the ingredients and it was revealed that this reduced fat version of my favorite food was barely peanuts at all! It was mostly fillers like molasses and artificial sugars. Can you say gross? After reading this and my experiencing my personal peanut butter problem, I'm definitely making a more conscious effort to eat "real food".

Physically, guys and girls really aren't equal and I can definitely relate to your frustration regarding that. Since arriving at college, I have been focusing on all the changes that I feel like I have neglected my health. Now that I've settled in to a routine, I have definitely been trying to make health a priority to avoid the dreaded "freshman fifteen." I found this article on wikiHow ( that gave some suggestions for how to be healthy. While it might not be the most highly regarded source of information, the article offers some simple suggestions that are definitely worth a try. For instance, something as simple as drinking water instead of soda or tea could help improve your health!

I've been trying to avoid the freshman 15 as well, but it's also just genetics that makes us girls more...well, fleshy than guys. After all, shapely hips are desired for when we have to give birth. At least eating exhausts some calories, and hey, celery ends up being negative calories.
I've found that more relaxing exercise such as yoga works for me. While it may not burn as many calories, it helps me feel more balanced in life and not stuff my face with ice cream and pizza at dinner. I recently took up running, but since that boosts my metabolism so much, I end up eating more throughout the course of the day. I doubt eating pudding twice a day is gonna help with the whole staying healthy deal.
Some guys I know go to the gym to look muscular and buff, but I don't think guys want a girl with a six pack. There's something about a super muscely girl that looks off. Not to say that girls can let everything slide and gain unhealthy weight, but it's normal for us to have more fat.

Taylor, I think that it all just depends on the individual person. I mean I usually eat a small breakfast of coffee and a granola bar, a salad for lunch, then I reward myself with a hearty dinner. Every person's eating habits is going to be different but I have heard that eating five smaller meals a day is also beneficial. I know my friends at home eat five small meals because they are very good athletes and they need to constantly keep themselves fueled. This article on live was pretty interesting and pertains somewhat to how you "diet".

Carolyn, thats actually really interesting. I also eat reduced fat peanut butter and a lot of other reduced fat foods but I never actually looked at the ingredients where the "reduced fat" portion comes from. There are a TON of peanut butter alternatives and my parents, for one, have tried many different kinds before they settled on some organic kind. It was definitely an acquired taste, which I'm sure a lot of healthier foods are, but in order to keep a healthy weight we all have to sacrifice the good sugary peanut butters/other foods. But that is definitely interesting and a good point and I am going to keep that in mind next time I look for foods.

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