It is less than an hour until the blogs are due and reviewing my select few I realized really how poor they are. Andrews words have come back to haunt me, "Don't wait until the last minute!" I have tested his hypothesis and now I am rejecting the null hypothesis and I do not believe this is due to chance.

I decided to delete my half hearted procrastination.jpgblogs and revise them for the final blog period. I'm hoping this won't be a decision that comes back to haunt me. All of my eggs are in one basket now and I know i'll need to dedicate a portion of my Thanksgiving break and free time to science in order to get the results I want.

I'm sure I'm not the only one in this boat so best of luck to the rest of you.

Why you shouldn't PROCRASTINATE!


I respect the fact that you posted this. Many people suffer with procrastination and fail to acknowledge it. Procrastination is a killer. Thank you for being honest. I also suffer with procrastination, and completely understand where you are coming from. Good luck in the next period!


I feel your pain! There is nothing worse than procrastinating. I'm in the same boat as you right now.

To try and take your topic and put a scientific spin on it, I found this article that details the science of procrastination.

Here to! :

Why do we procratinate? Is it poor scheduling, or the rush associated with deadline closing in?

This article goes so far as to ask if procrastination is a habit or a disorder.

I tend to think it is a deeply ingrained habit that is near impossible to shake. What does everyone else think? The justifications for it being a disorder according to the authors are that "esearch done by R.L. Strub links procrastination to physical disorders and lesions in the brain, particularly in the frontal lobe."

Not to scare you though! I'm pretty sure the majority of the class was PROCRASTINATING until right now!

I know the feeling was working on them last night all night trying to make them sound good. I am sure a lot of people are probably in the same boat. Luckly though the blog site did not crash and we are not out of luck. It could be worse in some way though. Everything could be down, we could have the seconds ticking down even worse and you know you can't do anything. At least here you can chat back and fourth to other people's posts because it is open. The lesson here is not to procrastinate! How many more are you going to try to do?

Ann, I think it is a habit or just a poor choice of timing. For instance I procrastinate because I figured out I have a lack of focus at wanting to do that task because it sounds boring and not appealing. Something else seems to look better of a choice so I choose to do that but then get burned in the end.
It's kind of like a feeling of knowing you have to do the thing you don't want to do but you know you have to do it. I need to just learn to bite the bullet and do the assignments before I am in a pinch like I am now. Last minutes do not work out too well at all.

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