Pay 4,000$, get KIDNAPPED! It's that easy.


Would you pay 1500 to 4000 dollars to have someone kidnap you  and hold you for an undetermined amount of time, for the thrill? Some people would, and that is why there is a business in New York doing exactly that, but why? Clearly there are enough people doing it if they are still in business.


I've always envisioned myself as somewhat of a thrill seeker. I love snowboarding, I frequently go cliff diving and have plans to sky dive. Something that has always interested me however is the question, why? Most people hate scary movies or skydiving and would never dream of it, while others seem to keep pushing it and pushing it until they are in a situation where death is more likely than survival. The New York Times states that for some people it is the self-affirmation that gives people the thrill. It's the thought that, yes I just conquered what others consider terrifying.  Another theory is that these thrill seekers have a low level of arousal compared to others and need that fear in order to be excited. One more theory developed by Marvin Zuckerman from the University of Delaware is that thrill seekers have an imbalance of the chemical monoamine oxadise in the brain, which gets corrected when they are scared.

            For me though this is not enough, it cannot simply be the fact that there is an imbalance of chemicals in the brain and more science needs to be done on this topic. One man walks a tight rope from cliff to cliff without any safety harness. To me an imbalance of chemicals is not enough for someone to be willing to, in this case literally, put their life on the line for a "thrill". Watch this tightrope walker. There has to be something wrong with these people, a gene out of place, or something is wrong in the brain and they cannot sense fear. There is definitely a fine line between thrill seeking and stupidity, and I'm not sure what side of the line that guy is on. I would like to see more research on this topic but it is difficult to do. Examining someone's brain while they watch a movie is easy, but taking a CAT scan or an MRI of someone's brain as they jump out of a helicopter or walk a tight rope is impossible so I'm not entirely sure how this research would be done. The only information I have garnered besides these articles is from the dare devils themselves, and when asked why they do it their only response is for the thrill. Does anyone understand why these people push the limit so far, is it a lack of intelligence, or do they really need this thrill?


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I agree with you, I think something must be wrong with these people if they would pay that much money to get kidnapped. The article says that they do it because they like the thrill of being scared, but what I don't understand is if they're paying these people to kidnap them, doesn't that take away from some of the fear? I feel like one of the scariest things is not knowing what's going to happen, but since they know that they're not actually getting kidnapped, how scary would that actually be? I'm all about thrill seeking and adrenaline rushes and all that jazz, but this just does not seem like the best way to go about it.

I've actually heard of this business before and I thought it was totally crazy! Even if I knew someone was coming to kidnap me, I would be absolutely terrified when it actually happened. But I think that's just the world we live in. Check out this YouTube video: It's a trailer for a reality show that aired this summer called The Great Escape in which contestants are put away in prison and attempt to break out while being chased by authorities. Totally crazy?! Yep. But I'm thinking these are the people that are looking for the thrill. Some people are very hesitant, but others, like these contestants, clearly want to get everything they can out of life. I don't think I would ever break out of a prison but clearly the thrillseekers exist!

The flaw I see in all of this, is that how could you really simulate a kidnapping all the while knowing that your life was never actually in danger? Is the thrill of getting thrown into a van with a pillow case over your head enough? It all seems very superficial and I wonder what type of people (I would guess most are very wealthy) would pay that much money for a scare. The only logical explanation is that these people do in fact have a chemical imbalance. For most, a day at the theme park or maybe even a daring stunt such as sky-diving or tight rope walking is enough. To be held hostage by strangers? That isn't a thrill seeker, that's someone that his mentally ill.

Interesting article, I'm a thrill seeker as well, although I probably wouldn't pay for people to kidnap me unless I was realllly bored. I believe in one of the theories that says that it takes more to make me excited than most other people. I think it also ties in with one of the blogs I wrote about desensitization where when we're kids eventually we get curious and want to try something, and then once we try something edgy and cool we want to do it again and again and get more extreme and then just look back at the stuff that used to scare you and realize it doesn't phase you at all anymore

I think it all comes back to the idea that adrenaline is just another type of addiction, and that, like most drugs, addicts will do whatever they can to get it. According to Dr. Archibald Hart, an expert in the field of adrenaline addiction, gaming is a type of adrenaline addiction, which is why some people get caught playing video games up to 80 hours a week. Hart also states that shopaholics, workaholics, certain sex practices, and other thrill-seeking behavior are all forms of adrenaline addiction. I guess some, who are more deprived of adrenaline chemicals, just seek it more than others?

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