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The other day at work, I was talking to a woman I work with about all the most important things in life (clothes, houses, babies, you know...). As we were talking about what type of style we have, if our moms are good cooks, she mentioned that she was a vegetarian - she had tried vegan-ism but it was too hard and she "liked dairy." Later in the conversation, she mentioned that she had two little girls (which I knew) and that she always knew she wanted little girls; then, the conversation went something like this:

Her: I always knew I wanted daughters
Me: Oh, so did you like plan for that?
Her: Yes.
Me:, umm, did you do like genetic stuff?
Her: Oh no, I'm completely against that...but vegetarians are more likely to have girls.

So, for the last week I have been wondering...are vegetarians REALLY more likely to have girls? Isn't is the male that determines the sex of the baby? SHOULD I BECOME A VEGETARIAN?!

I decided to find out..

According to a report by BBC News, being a vegetarian COULD possibly contribute to having a daughter instead of a son. In a study from Nottingham University, it was found that the ratio of boys to girls with vegetarian mothers were 85:100, which is much different from the national ratio in Britain of 106 boys to every 100 girls.

The study actually discovered this theory on accident, but the scientists came up with three theories on WHY vegetarian women are more likely to have daughters:

  • a vegetarian diet places stress on the female body, meaning that female foetuses, which are known to be more robust, survive, while male foetuses are killed off
  • a vegetarian diet changes the acidity of the vaginal secretions, creating a hostile environment for sperm carrying male genetic information
  • the diet contains chemicals which mimic the action of female sex hormones such as oestrogen

Contrary to the study, some people still people that it is only the male's sperm that decides the sex of the baby, and that the results of the study were purely chance.

In another article, it is suggested that having a "leafy, green" diet could be enough to influence the sex of the baby.

Would you be willing to change your eating habits when the time comes to have children, just to get the sex you want? Or do you think this is all an old wives' tale?


I think that this is fascinating, but I feel as if there had to be so many more factors that could determine the sex of the baby. The miracle of life is so complex that I think having a leafy, green diet seems a little far fetched to be a plausible cause for the sex of your child. I'd like to hear more about the study and how similar these women were.

I find this really interesting, but I feel as though there would be a third factor in this. I did find this website,
and it reveals some ways to ensure how to have a boy or how to have a girl. Who knows if there is any truth behind it, but I am sure there are people out there who believe. I find it bizarre that people would want to chose their babies sex. With so many people in the world who can't have children, I would just be happy to have a healthy baby whether it be a boy or girl. I know people always say, "Oh, I want two girls or I want a two boys and a girl." But to actually change something to ensure this just seems unnatural.

It's pretty well accepted scientific fact that the sperm does decide the gender of the baby, so the theory that there is something else is deciding what gender the fertilized egg will become is highly unlikely. However, I wouldn't doubt that there could be something going on as to which chromosome the egg is more likely to fertilize with. However, I think what is most likely going on here is either a reverse causation or third variable. This is an observational study, not an experimental one, and for all we know the mothers of these children could have turned vegetarian after they have had a child, possibly in a attempt to stay fit. What about the kind of fathers these vegetarian mothers choose? That is unaccounted for as well, and I think that there could be something going on there with the X chromosome being more dominant in their sperm than the Y, therefore making it more likely to have a girl.

Very interesting blog post, however I believe without studies being done, which would be impossible to manipulate unborn children for scientific purposes, we should take this with a grain of salt. When I hear old wives tales like this that do not carry as much of a scientific weight to them it goes alone with the idea if you do all these crazy things to try and manipulate having a girl or boy and you get the outcome you were looking for regardless of whether your antics had anything to do with it we are going to believe that it did.

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