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As many people already know when little children are exposed to classical music it tends to enhance their brain function, but what about music in later life? According to a Northwestern research group who studied a compilation of other research, people who can play musical instruments tend to have better speech and language memory, attention, and the ability to convey emotions verbally. The Northwestern team believes that the musical training actually creates new neurological connections in the brain.

To me this makes perfect sense because of the need for the musician to play quickly, faster and easier routes for information to travel along must be created. I have also noticed that the smarter kids in high school usually played an instrument. It always amazed me how it seemed impossible to be in band or orchestra without being in higher level classes. The ability for these students to pay better attention and have a better memory are crucial roles in education.

To me this study is very important because it gives parents extra motivation to get their child interested in music at an early age so they can have the benefits later on with their schooling. I also believe this to be a very valid study because of the use of various studies that help randomize the outliers. Also the fact that the study was published in the highly regarded Nature journal. Hopefully more research will be done to understand the effects further on the brain and music


This was an interesting blog post. I have always heard that there are benefits to playing instruments but have never known what they were except that I was always fascinated by playing instruments myself and, music in general. Scientists have tried to make many correlations between music and social/professional skills. One study a couple of years ago that was highlighted in Time Magazine,showed that cardiologists who played instruments were actually able to hear and detect problems with the heart better than cardiologists without musical backgrounds. What's your take on this?

I think that because playing music is such a fine motor skill that often times it creates a faster and more sensitive brain. The amount of time spent dedicated to music that the brain adjusts itself to the specialized movements. Every part of music makes it difficult, having the ability to recognize a sound as right or wrong in a split second, being able to place your one hand on the right spot, while having your other hand do a completely separate movement, even just learning to be that dedicated to a single practice. Music will help make the brain work in much different ways because it forces your body to do so many difficult actions at once.

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