Music Can Help Your Plants Grow....seriously?

I think most people would agree that whether you are trying to get pumped up for a sports game, or trying to get through a bad break up, or whatever the case may be, music can help by altering your mood.  Apparently, music has an effect on plants as well.  

What is being stated is that music can positively impact plant growth.  I know what most of you are thinking, there's no way that that can be possible.  I was extremely skeptical at first as well. Which is why I did some research.

study done by scientists at University of Arizona, tested the biological effect music would have on plants.  The link above shows what was done in the experiment, but basically what they found was a direct relationship between the sound vibrations and the growth of the plant.

Another website talked about the possibility of this hypothesis actually being true.  Displayed below is a device created by JVC, a speaker and sound system company on what a designed "music-plant holder" looks like. 

music plants.jpg
Now, it is not that everyone that has done studies about this topic all agree that plants will grow faster if they are given music to "listen" to. Another study done by researchers here at Penn State talk about it being very unlikely that music will actually improve the rate at which your plants grow.  What is consistent in all the studies I have read is that plants have the ability to hear and react from noises.  Whether that be people's voices or in this case music.  However, the article by the Penn State researches stated that the most effective way to have your plant grow is to "provide them with light, water, and mineral nutrition."

Obviously more studies can be done to further explain if this is theory can hold up, but the more I read about plants, the more it sounds like it could potentially work.  Obviously not just by listening to music but it does not look like it could hurt the plant in anyway, so why not try it?  As we always say in class, it seems like a "sensible" thing to try.  What does everyone else think?


I have heard before that babies are able to recognize music that they had heard while in the womb. Often it seems that parents listen to this advice and play soothing tunes such as Mozart while their children are still in their stomachs and yet to be born. I have also heard it said that this helps their development. I find this to be an interesting observation because I feel that if a baby is still in the mother's womb, how are they capable of hearing or remembering the music they hear? BBC news did a report on 11 one year olds that had been exposed to music in the womb. The study reported that the babies remember this music. Could this just be due to chance? Possibly. Maybe the babies just prefer this music because they have similar taste as their parents. Does music really have that large of an effect on babies and plants, too?

I have an 8 year old sister and I remember when my mom was pregnant we would play music against her stomach. I think the reason that many people do this is because society has made this seem "normal." As ridiculous as it sounds that babies understand the music or that if affects the child,people believe it. So maybe if enough people believe the same thing about plants it will be considered the normal. Music is known to affect moods of people, so why not plants too? This article is an experiment that was done dealing with the same idea of music affecting plants. This experiment found that when a plant was left in a room with classical music, it grew better.

This may not be directly related to plants and whether or not they have an ability to utilize music to stimulate their growth, but it does represent how little we may actually understand about plants. As crazy as it seems, we seemingly tend to sell plants short. I came across an article discussing how scientists now believe that plants can sense their surroundings. For example, if someone were to approach them with intent to chop down the plant, they would sense that danger. Of course, there's nothing they can do in defense, but apparently this awareness of danger is communicated to other plants. Maybe we've been underestimating plants and their consciousness this whole time.

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