Mayan Apocalypse?

Over the past couple of years, many throughout our country and world have become increasingly interested in what is suppose to be the 'end of the world' or as many refer to it, the upcoming Mayan Apocalypse.  

Many experts have confirmed that according to multiple ancient texts, the end of the Mayan calendar will be on December 21st of this year.  This occurs on the winter solstice and is exactly two months from today. (Ooh you all may die in two months, sorry to disappoint)

But why out of all days within the last 2012 years is the world suddenly going to end on December 21st?  According to an article posted on , this date marks the last of the 13th bak'tun which is the 144,000 and final day of the Ancient Mayans calender.  The Mayans in fact did believe that this would be the end of a fully cycle of creation within the world.

As I read this article on the Apocalypse I became very intrigued.  I tried to look at it from the view of a scientist, and the first question I asked is 'Can science prove whether or not a mayan apocalypse will happen?'

Often enough various scientific methods can provide us with answers to a variety of questions we all have within our daily lives.  Will this diet pill work, or how do bananas affect my health?  
But with solving the Mayan Apocalypse and whether or not there will be one, I'm really not too sure whether or not science can provide society with an answer here.  And thats when i decided this would be an interesting topic to blog about due to the amount of questions that arise from it.

Often enough testing methods can be created, and experiments conducted in order to find an explanation for a specific question we have.  However how can you do either of those for something such as this.  If there even was an apocalypse many do not even have an idea of what it would be like or consist of.  So how would we test if we don't really have an idea of what we are testing for.

With this blog I don't want to suggest that there is a huge gap or lapse within science or the methods that it uses to get answers, yet I just want to point out that maybe science can't answer all of our questions.  Often enough science chooses not to dive into the supernatural.  Yet as i say that, we did discuss the affects of prayer in class. 

Interested in how a scientist would try to either prove or disprove this theory, i tried to do some research on the topic and how the scientific community has approached it. However to my dissapointment i found very little.  Maybe many do not find it an issue, or see the topic as a waste of time.

I think the easiest explanation may be one of the first things Dr. Read taught us.  He said chance will always be a factor, and in this situation i think that's all the scientific community can really rely on in giving society an answer here.  My parents have always told me never to count out on something happening and in this case that statement can't be more true.

So i guess until December 21st we can look at all the speculation and explanations we want, and make a decision ourselves.  And in case you do believe in this actually happening, I hope you decide to have the best two months of your life.

What is everyone's opinion here on the apocalypse?  Would you guys ever think about preparing for this to happen?  In addition do you think science could either prove or disprove this theory?



I agree that this is an issue that people recently have not been talking about, and like you I am very interested in if there is a scientific explanation for what the Mayans have predicted. However with your point about scientists choosing to not usually dive into the supernatural, I just do not agree with. Many scientists dive into the supernatural, like the prayer study or ghosts. It is just that they find a way to explain it scientifically to prove it isnt super natural. But for me this isnt so much a super natural issue, more as to a historical issue. Nevertheless, it'll be interesting to see what happens in two months.

I think that the reason that this is not being tested is a rather simple one actually. It has not happened yet. How could the scientists test or study something that has not yet occured? Researchers do not study diseases that have not infected anything yet, right? I am just not sure that I understand how the scientists would study the potential apocalypse even if they wanted to do so. Maybe I am totally off base here so feel free to correct me. I would be very interested to hear what potential aspects of the apocalypse the scientists would study before they occur. Let me know what you think, maybe I am totally missing the point. On a personal note, I am not a believer in the apocalypse, I just do not think that the world will just come to a halt all of the sudden. Quite frankly, I think that the Mayans just had to stop the calender somewhere and unfortunately for us it happened to be on December 21, 2012.

I must disagree with you William, scientists do study that which have not occurred. As far as astrology has shown us, if you attended the lecture Dean Larson presented, they know that earth will most likely come to an end based on the fact that our sun will not last forever. There is also the possibility that our sun will consume our planet, before if even explodes itself. This information is obtained from observing other solar systems. The presented reason as to why the Mayans chose 2012 is plausible, but the human brain often draws correlations where there are none, and so I must toss in the 5% of chance. Maybe whoever was doing the calendar finally got tired of making writing numbers and symbols, and stopped on 12/21/12 because he thought it was funny. Although, some really believe that the end is approaching in the near future, and are preparing accordingly. Whether, you believe or not, it's good to be proactive over reactive most days.

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