Martians or Ghosts?

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While I'm sure we've all had our own experiences with the paranormal or at least what we think is the paranormal, which is more believable, other life, or ghosts. This Article goes into that issue a little bit more in depth, but after reading it I got to thinking about it. Personally I think there it is very possible that there is other life besides earth. Already scientists have discovered several planets that seem as though they could harbor human life, but what about non-human? Humans need water and oxygen and some sort of food in order to survive, but who is to say that there is some other type of species that can live off of something different, off of some new gas that has yet to be discovered. I realize this idea is a little far-fetched but it is certainly interesting to think about. It is very difficult to put the universe in perspective to understand just how big it is, and not even the universe, if we just look at the Milky Way it's size is incomprehensible. Please LOOK AT THIS to get a small understanding of this scale of our universe. According to this NBC article there are approximately 160 billion planets in the Milky Way alone. So the chances of there being some sort of life on another planet, in my opinion, have to be pretty high. It baffles me to think that out there somewhere there is another Liam, writing a blog entry for some science class on a different planet. 

This is why I feel as though space exploration is so crucial and worth the billions of dollars we pour into it. If another planet is ahead of us in terms of technology we could benefit greatly, or if we come across a planet that is far behind us, we could discover new resources that would solve our problems. While this wouldn't happen for an extremely long time, it still interests me to think that it is even possible. I believe that there is some other life out there, and not that some dead guy is walking around trying to scare people. i seriously doubt they look like this though....>

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It is one of the most confusing things that I ever sit and try to reason out. Is there life elsewhere and the universe? As hard as it is to believe, there has to be life else where. This website ( shows how many planets could possibly contain life. According to this site, there are about ten billion planets capable of containing life! That is an astronomical number. I think it is impossible that there is NOT another planet with some form of life. We, as humans, define life according to what we see and can explain. There is so much that we cannot explain. There simply has to be some other organisms similar to us out there and we just do not know, and may never know, enough information to fully understand what they are and how they work.

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