Marijuana:good or bad?


Marijuana is a herb grown in various countries. Marijuana is known for many practices in different cultures.Marijuana is legal within certain places in Europe, but is "technically" illegal in the United States of America because of Congress. 

When someone looks up the statistics concerning death annually and daily, they will find some very interesting numbers. Anti-marijuana supporters would argue that if marijuana was legalized, then mortality rates would increase.. In an article from an anonymous author, he or she uses a graph which highlights annual deaths from US recreational drugs.  Along the Y-axis, there are the drugs: Tobacco, Alcohol, Pharmco, illegal, and lastly marijuana. Additionally, the X-axis of the graph shows deaths per year ranging from 0 to 450,000. From the data, marijuana has shown no deaths after one year as oppose to alcohol which accumulates 116,000 deaths per year; also, tobacco holds the highest mortality rate per year. From this chart, the numbers speak for themselves. Marijuana does not cause death and the cases are so rare.  But, the direct irony strikes Americans because an illegal substance has caused no deaths yearly as oppose to tobacco which causes almost half a million deaths each year.

Apart from the economical aspect of marijuana, there is a medical aspect of marijuana. In certain states medical cannabis has been allowed usage for prescription to special patients. These patients include people with multiple sclerosis and Crohn's disease. Lester Grinspoon- a professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School was asked his position concerning medical cannabis, he quoted "Doctors and nurses have seen that for many patients, cannabis is more useful, less toxic, and less expensive than the conventional medicines prescribed for diverse syndromes and symptoms, including multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease, migraine headaches, severe nausea and vomiting, convulsive disorders, the AIDS wasting syndrome, chronic pain, and many others." Here, Grinspoon  talks about the benefits of the distribution of medical marijuana.  this would be cheaper for doctors and more efficient for the patients. 

Lastly, concerning marijuana as a gateway drug. people have stated that marijuana is a gateway drug which basically means it can cause people to be influenced to try other extreme drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy. currently, there is no well analyzed data in the scientific community to support this hypothesis. this is just a bad myth used through communication. someone could test this hypothesis by gathering marijuana users and studying their drug usage over a period of 10-15 years. this would be extremely tough to monitor and would cause a disruption of ethical privacy. also, a double blind placebo trial could be possibly implemented in order to see if it really does cause influence to try other hard drugs. 


But, in essence, the issue of marijuana relies solely on the individual. there are pros and cons to anything concerning recreational or medicinal drugs. 


This article is very interesting from the beginning to the end! It surprises me how the article that provides data about annual deaths from US recreational drugs tends to show marijuana gives no deaths result after one year compare to the consumption of alcohol. However, this issue of legalizing marijuana is also a very controversial topic in my country, Thailand as well. This previous week in my economic class, we had a homework assignment based on the topic of consumer choice. Basically, researchers collected data from 49,802 people who participated in the National Household Survey of Drug Abuse. These data allowed researchers to see how price fluctuations influenced consumption. Higher alcohol prices reduced drinking while consumption increased when prices fell. Somehow, a very interesting finding appears that higher alcohol prices also REDUCED MARIJUANA USE. Why does alcohol and marijuana tend to be complement goods? Researchers predicted that large numbers of abusers use pot and alcohol together to achieve a state of stupefaction ("get high") that's more enjoyable than the result of the effects of each drug taken separately. According to your last paragraph that discusses about how people concern marijuana as a gateway drug, I'm strongly agree with this. Once this habit of trying marijuana controls your mind and body, this may lead to the abuse of some other dangerous drugs, which in fact can be even MORE ADDICTIVE and MORE DANGEROUS as well.

I like how you tied economics into your response! I think the economic side of things gives us great insight into the psychology of drug and alcohol use, for sure. The results of that economic study are interesting, as I didn't expect any links between the two. You would think that alcohol and marijuana attract different demographics of different age groups, religious affiliations, and lifestyles. Your study seems to reveal that the majority of people are in that overlap of younger, joy-seeking, open-minded and less health-conscious users who enjoy both.

Great post. In my opinion marijuana should not be illegal because there have been no deaths and no serious illness reported due to marijuana. The vast majority of research I have found is done by overly anxious activists that frankly have no idea what they are talking about. The reasons for the outlaw of marijuana are bogus and nto why you think it would have been outlawed. Personally I dont believe the government should make the drug illegal, if people want to use it, let them, it is of relatively no harm of themselves, unlike alcohol or tobacco. Also Oranisa, when you say marijuana "controls your body and mind" this is completely false. Studies have been done to prove that THC (the drug in marijuana) is not addictive, and people cannot get addicted to it. People may love the feeling of it and find it hard to get away, but there are no chemical changes in the body that leads to addiction. A lot of people that speak out against its use have some sort of bias and do not know much about the drug and its effects. A lot of the reasons why marijuana gets such a bad rap is because of after its heavy use in the mid 20th century and its ban commercials were made that made ridiculous claims. Personally i believe in several years the drug will be legalized because there is simply no reason not to. If alcohol and tobacco kill so many more people directly, and indirectly why is it legal?

Marijuana is one of those things that the government can’t come to terms with the fact that they are wrong. There is no way that alcohol and cigarettes should be allowed to be legal while marijuana not be. We waste so much money and time arresting people for marijuana possession and things of that nature. I also don’t really believe marijuana is a gateway drug. The most recent study about this also agrees that that there is not a significant link to marijuana and other drugs, which I learned in my criminology class.

The legalization of marijuana is a very controversial topic in the United States and rightfully so because both sides make strong arguments in their favor. I personally believe the positives of it being legalized outweigh the negatives but I can definitely see the other side. It would immensely help out a crippling economy in California. California NORML estimates that a legally regulated market for marijuana could generate at least $1.2 billion in tax revenues and also reduce enforcement costs (

I also believe that alcohol is a much more dangerous drug than marijuana and the results prove this point. As Nick stated earlier, marijuana has shown no deaths after one year as oppose to alcohol which accumulates 116,000 deaths per year. I don't know about you but those numbers jumped off the page to me.

People will be upset whether it is legalized or not, but that is just the way the cookie crumbles.

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