Is sugar not so sweet ?

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Many stick thin celebrities today endorse the phrase "sugar is the devil". With all this negative publicity surrounding sugar what is the truth? Is sugar really the leading cause of obesity? As I researched this topic I was bombarded with articles saying that sugar is worse than fat and that it is the leading cause of obesity. 
"We actually need sugar; its our body's preferred fuel," Dr. David Katz, director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center said. "But we eat too damn much of it."

In an article published in the science magazine Nature, Dr. Robert Lustig, an obesity researcher from California, goes as far as to say that sugar, especially fructose, is a toxin and should be regulated in the same way as poison. 

First of all, what is fructose? Fructose is a simple sugar that is found naturally in fruit. Sucrose (table sugar) contains one fructose and one glucose molecule. High-fructose corn syrup is a combination of fructose and glucose used in many packaged foods. But the problem with this sugar is that it is not in its natural form and is not metabolized like glucose. According to Lustig, is why it may be the cause of obesity, diabetes and other metabolic disorders

A group of california obesity scientists put this to the test. The study consisted of a 2-week inpatient control period, an 8- week outpatient intervention, and another 2- week inpatient, intervention period. The intervention consisted of consuming either a fructose or glucose based beverage daily which would equal 25% or bout 500 of their daily calories. 31 healthy, overweight people participated in the study. 

The results of this study supported the notion that sugar is the devil. The fructose group had more visceral fat, higher levels of bad cholesterol, more new liver fat, higher levels of blood fat, reduced insulin sensitivity, reduced energy, and reduced fat oxidation.

The scientists clarify that naturally occurring sugar, like those in fruits, vegestavles, and milk, is perfectly healthy and actually necessary in a healthy diet its added sugars that we should be weary of.

So is sugar the devil or did the study only show one side to the story? 


1 Comment

Yes some sugar is bad for you but sugar from carbonhydrates is something that our body drastically needs. Many people when they go on diets cut sugar out period but according to Livestrong the key to mainting your weight is to choose dietary sugars from healthy carbohydrates, as opposed to simple carbs such as table sugar.Once people realize the difference between sugars they can actually live a better and healthy life.

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