If you ask people about their biggest fears, you would learn that a good amount of individuals would say to die. People wish to live forever. Young people wish to never grow old while old people wish to be young once again. People in later stages of life seem to accept death more easily than others, seeing as they have already lived. Then there's the few some odd people who wish death. We've come a long way in terms of increasing life expectancy. Centuries ago people married at fifteen and die at thirty. Nowadays, people marry at thirty and die at ages up to a hundred. I often wondered if we could make the push even further maybe to two hundred or even a thousand. 
  I stumbled upon an interesting article from the Daily Galaxy. I can tell you one thing, geneticist Aubrey de Grey is awfully optimistic about being to reach eternity. There are many professors working on "immortality", even the U.S government funds research on "the biology of aging" at a rate of 2.4 billion dollars a year! The article even picks up statements for biologist claiming that we will find the "cure to aging" within two to four decades. Now, I for one would not question the limitations of mankind. At the same time, our limitations serve as the perfect reason as to why you would. I respect the optimism, but two to four decades seems so far fetched. Yes technology has become so advanced that we now have little super computers in our pockets. But that doesn't necessarily mean we can find the key to immortality in 40 years. Hell, we might not ever find that cure because maybe we weren't live on Earth together. Maybe religion was right?
  Plus, if you are a firm believer of a Deity, why would you want to live forever on Earth when there is a paradise waiting for you in the afterlife? I am a Christian and I believe in Heaven and all it's glory which is enough for me to say that I don't want to live on Earth forever. But granted we do find the key to immortality, does that disprove that there is a high being? Do we replace the principals of religion with science? People who are religious spend some much time investing in being a good person in order to gain entrance to Heaven. Would finding immortality on Earth alter our opinions on moral ethics? See the danger in potentially finding immortality? Ad besides...would you want someone like this guy to have the opportunity to live forever?

Think about that one, he used his genius to do more harm than good.



Hi Kevin,
Just like you, I think the idea that humans could potentially one day become immortal, is scary to think about. I'm sure scientists will come up with some sort of way to keep humans alive forever, but I wonder how they would ever be able to prevent things like injuries and accidents. For example, if you get hit by a bus or crash in an airplane, there's little chance you can survive. So are the scientists trying to make it possible to be immortal if you live a safe life, or are they trying to make it so that every human is immortal no matter what? If they go with the second option, I feel that would be very hard, if not impossible, to accomplish.

I think this idea is pretty scary. It's not that I wouldn't want to be immortal, it's just that thinking about both extremes (living forever on earth and dying) are frightening. I believe that the majority of the people who are afraid to die are not afraid of the concept of death, but are afraid of the unknown. This is an article that explores more into why people are afraid of death in dying. It basically states that it is because we "disappear" and we are forced to pay for our sins but goes into more depth. Why do you think people are afraid to die? Do you think the fear of death is the only driving force behind finding means of immortality? Why do you think we've been searching for immortality for so many centuries?

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